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Tex Murphy is Timeless 0

Some people embrace the campy, corny, often times poorly executed horror that was the FMV period of gaming. Other gamers don't get it. To be sure, there is plenty about that era that is hard to overlook. However, wading through the slush pile does offer a fair share of gems. Martian Memorandum has bad acting, terrible makeup execution, tedious pixel hunting and a thin premise and it is a great game. If you play this game and don't laugh out loud at least one time, you're dead inside. Save yourse...

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Avocado Pie 0

Avocado pie sounds gross. It's not though. I made it. It's delicious. It's different than the normal stuff, but it's good. The trick is convincing people to try something different. To the Moon is a visual novel type of game. The player must click on items on the screen in order to move forward with the story. Other than a jarring, late game action sequence, there isn't much more to this. However, the writing does stand out and tells the story of a tragic relationship as seen through the eyes of...

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