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$72.46 million.

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Just put my request in for 3. Name is the same as it is here.

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Add me!

ID: Fr3ek

Zone: US

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@GoodKn1ght: If you are following the TOS I really don't see it being an issue or why they would cut you off.

I have been using the API for a small mobile version of the site (built before they offered anything officially) and it has been up for 2+ years without any interruption.

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On a related note, I made a site a bit ago that will just throw the logo on there for you saving a bit of time:

EDIT: (I also at some point want to add options so you can change where the logo goes and such.)

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Picked it up and having a great time :D

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@Shrimpy: @ip007:

Thank you duders. Added.

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@AlwaysBeClothing: All updated. Thank you :)