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@ryanwho said:
" Was this game based on They Live? Cus if so, it needs to happen right now. "
CUS, what do you have, an IQ of 40?
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I find it really ironic DICE coming out and saying this after how crappy their recent PC support has been. From Battlefield 3 being delayed into oblivion, BF1943 being delayed for 6 months on the PC. Mirror's Edge being a late and pretty half assed port (same graphics outside of the physx gimmicks, bad mouse controls), Bad Company, being Bad Company, and Heroes being the only PC Battlefield game they've given us in over 3 years and being as crappy as it is. This seems more like a marketing stunt than anything. The Dedicated servers thing in MW2 is just a bad design decisions. If they were being "lazy" they would have just left hte online like it has always been which would have used dedicated servers. Nevermind at least Infinity Ward releases PC versions of games on time. 

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Here's one that hasn't been mentioned. In the movie The Score a computer hacker was playing Quake 3.

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This has to be one of the most poorly written and immature rants I've ever seen.

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Maybe it's because I don't own an xbox 360 but I never to the big appeal of achievements. Just seemed silly and novel to me.

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@Chaser324 said:
" @FreeTWOGame: It isn't a grey doesn't break any Photobucket or Giant Bomb rules. That's pretty crystal clear. Nothing grey about it. "
Giant Bomb's own policy on it isn't clear itself
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This isn't photobucket though, it's still a pretty grey area

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@Jeust said:
" @FreeTWOGame:   it wasn't canceled the development of the Alan Wake for pc, just postponed.  And Remedy at the time they announced it, said that the idea of bringing Wake to pc was from microsoft.  Also if you see closely, many xboxt console exclusives are also arriving at the pc. "
Alan Wake was designed for the PC in mind when it first started, not for the Xbox 360, again I point to the fact that Microsoft hasn't published any new PC games at all in the past 2 years and currently have none stated to come out, if Alan Wake comes out on the PC it wont be published by Microsoft
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Does this site have any kind of policy against that? Because I stumbled across a guy who had uploaded a large number of images I had uploaded to photobucket, notable examples
this is just a few examples

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