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Actual Video Game Journalism!???? WHa Whaa WHAAA!!!???

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The perception of video games has advanced quite far in the past few years. Last year, when Roger Ebert wrote about how “Video games can never be art”, gamers quickly took to their blogs and social update sites to advocate that their beloved medium could hold the acollade of being defined as "art". Last November, the case of Schwarzenegger v. EMA, took place in the Supreme Court, the highest court in the United States. People are beginning to view the young video game medium with more  respect than anyone would have thought capable 10-15 years ago. This change of perspective raises the question if games have earned this respect?

A few days ago, there was a great editorial on  PC Gamer  describing the safety precautions and "child-proofing" found in modern mainstream games. The article delved into how games were seemingly catered to the lowest common denominator as a result of immature gamer behavior. It also introduced the theory that gamers and developers are "locked in a destructive cycle of dickification"; where one party acts like a dick by restricting controls and the other party fights back by just acting like a bigger dick. Although a bit crass, it’s arguably correct in defining the relationship of this dichotomy and it’s negative effects. The myriad caveats and boundaries placed in today's games may strengthen the narrative structure and progression pacing, but it also displays a lack of trust in the player.

For a medium that has issues being associated with toys, it's surprising how patronizing some of the games in the medium are made to be. Notifications in modern games display the simplest of information that even monkeys could keep track of. Rewards are being handed out for smaller and more menial tasks; Jesse Schell's vision of the future is taking place within the games of today. The player is given a decreasing amount of responsibility, and although gamers have become used to this type of babying, it's still insulting.     
Games that trust and respect their players are not impossible to find, they are just very rare. One game that wouldn't be expected to display trust in their player is 2008’s Prince of Persia. This game was heavily criticized pre-release, when it was revealed that the main character could not “die” in the game. Some gamers were livid at this unique approach to player death because it would be removing a large amount of challenge from the game (disputably not the case). It was ironic to find an element of Prince of Persia that showed the player a degree of trust; one as simple as the removal of a button prompt.  
In the game, the Prince and Elika must free the land of corruption through the use of Elika’s magic. As the player, you simply have to get her to a fertile land tile and tap the Elika button to trigger a pretty cutscene of the land being brought to back to life. The first time you encounter a fertile land tile, the game displays a button prompt, telling you what to do. Later in the game, when you encounter other fertile tiles, this button prompt is no longer there.

The subtle disappearance of the button prompt conveys a transfer of responsibility. It's also an acknowledgement that the player has learned the action that is required for that context sensitive situation, marking his/her progress. On the opposite end of the spectrum is  Call of Duty: Black Ops,  a game that will prompt you to press "X" to reload  every time  you are nearing the end of your clip.

Games need to start matching the respect we give them, as well as the maturity we expect from them. If games want to be appreciated by the general public like other mediums of entertainment, they must undergo the same scrutiny. Movies are criticized for being too blatant in their storytelling, it's only fair that games are criticized for being condescending in their own language of expression.       
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Bioshock 1. First time through

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It would also be pretty helpful to watch some more experienced Protoss matches. 
Or if you think you have a good handle on Terran (shouldn't be too hard if you've played through the campaign), you could try playing as Terran vs Protoss. As Terran you can use those strategies that were used to beat you against other Protoss players to see how they react.

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Kindle Gaming in direct  competition against Ipad gaming???? lol

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Mass Effect 2 is definitely up there. With the changes they made, it feels like they started from scratch for the sequel. Combats been improved, item management is no longer made up of dozens of similar menus, and a whole lot less backtracking. Bioware listened to the complaints against Mass Effect 1 and offered solutions for almost every one. 
I hope I can see just as many improvements for Mass Effect 3

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@DMKTENN: you should definitely give Borderlands a shot. 
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Maybe it's just a PC thing, but for it seems like I don't even get the chance to shoot down any aircraft because someone on my team always beats me to it.

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I've only been playing for the weekend, but I have yet to encounter any lag myself.  I've had host migration happen to me once, it took about 25 seconds, fortunately for me I was in the clear when it happened. I wondered if any one was left staring at the other team when it happened.

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Most games will be in 3D  
Portable Gaming Devices will support 3D
Most games will implement a camera in someway  
Actual Water Physics 
Digital Distribution will top Retail Dsitribution 
Apple will release a console