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I thought this was going to be about Zenimax buying Valve/Steam

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Xbox live lacks that hilarious awkwardness on PSN. You know, like when a teenage nerd is paired up with a hot girl and they exchange hello's and then remain silent for the remainder of their time together? Yeah, you won't get that on XBL.

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Wow, how did you manage to write that much and yet not say anything at all. This smörgåsbord of yours if just a bunch of empty calories.

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" @Mordukai said:
" very simple GoW = God of War  GeOW = Gears Of War  "
GoW = Gears of War  GoOW = God Of War "
Since you desperately want Gears to take GoW, I guess we can all just refer God of War as just "God". There I'm sure everything is all cleared up now.  
 So off topic, who is looking forward to the next God?
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I think Gears because it seems that abbreviation is thought of as Gears by more people. But I like to think of it as God of War since God of War was released before Gears and took the abbreviation before it. 
So it should be God of War

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I'm subscribed to way too many podcasts to go retread old ground, but needless to say, the bombcast is really laid back and makes for good background noise while doing other activities. It's like having your friends laughing and chatting at your place while you finish up some work. I think it's their numerous off-topic conversations that make the podcasts timeless.

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what are you guys talking about, there are 14 hours left for the free weekend

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There are parts of the game that come off as really fun but then some design decisions seem broken. 
Maps could have been cleaned up a bit. Felt like I was getting caught on invisible walls a lot.

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It looks like they might have rebuilt the level for certain camera angles, and in the process changed the architecture a bit. Some beams would be missing and some areas would be caved in. It's all very minor stuff, you wouldn't notice it unless you were looking under a microscope to examine this stuff.

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@Hailinel said:

" @FrEeZe said:

" This totally reminds me of the time when I tried to recreate the Dojima household in the Hammer Editor. "
How far did you get? "
  I got the Kitchen and the living room. But while researching the area in Persona 4 I realized that the architecture differs in cutscenes