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Shocking Franchise Starter 0

inFamous is Sucker Punch's new open-world sandbox game, in which the player takes control of Cole a new Hero, or Anti-hero depending on the player's choices. Coming from the makers of the Sly Cooper franchise, players can expect polished 3rd person platforming and creative characters.  The main character Cole unexpectedly becomes the cause of a devastating explosion that leveled half of his city. After recovering from this explosion, Cole wakes up with super-charged powers and with the the popul...

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I'm Sorry, but the Princess is Gorging on Cake 0

The team-based multi-player genre becomes one game bigger with the addition of "Fat Princess," a PSN exclusive where two opposing teams fight for their overly obese Princesses, but does Fat Princess stand out in the already saturated genre?  Fat Princess let's the player take their pick of 1 of 5 class types to fight in a Fantasy-Medieval battle. The classes can come off as generic after playing with the game for a bit. The classes are your expected standard Fantasy-Medieval classes (ex. Archer,...

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10 Years later, and I'm still playing 0

Starcraft has become a well known game over the years and for a good reason. It's a real time strategy game that is easy to pick up and play. How many other RTS games can you say this about? The game brings something to the table for all players. The casual gamer will enjoy the the short learning curve and fun user-created custom games, while the hardcore gamers will enjoy the amount of challenge and competition that still remains for the 10 year old game. Starcraft has gained much popularity ov...

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