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I'm surprised that Torchlight beat out Plants vs Zombies. Both were quite well done, but I enjoyed PvZ a bit more, and expected a lot more people to play it than Torchlight.

I was curious, so I looked up some statistics, and I'll share it here for anyone else interested.

+ 95% (19) of the top 20 games were reviewed by the Giant Bomb staff. (exception: Demon's Souls)
+ 60% (12) of the top 20 were given 5-star reviews.
+ The other 35% (7) were given 4-star reviews. (Assassin's Creed II, Borderlands, Left 4 Dead 2, Halo ODST, NSMBWii, Torchlight, and Red Faction)
+ 9 games got a 5-star review from the Giant Bomb staff but were not chosen in the top 20 by the community. (Bowser's Inside Story, Dirt 2, Wii Sports Resort, Trine, Punchout, Rhythm Heaven, Flower, and both versions of GTA Chinatown Wars).

+ No handheld games made it onto the top 20.
+ The Giant Bomb community preferred Sony's exclusives this year over Microsoft's or Nintendo's. Sony had exclusives at #1, #7, #12, #17, and #20. Microsoft had exclusives at #8, #13, and #14 (with the semi-exclusive L4D2 at #10). Nintendo only had NSMB Wii at #16 this year.

Thanks to the Giant Bomb staff for putting this together. It had to be one of  the most enjoyable ways to vote for the GOTY I've ever encountered.

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Halo 3: ODST, Trine, and Osmos primarily. All three are quite good.

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My guess - the guys settle on 1. Batman AA, 2. Uncharted 2, 3. MW2 for GOTY.

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@EpicSteve said:
" I'm in the minority thinking the decade ends next year. 2000-2010, 10 years. 2011-2020, another years! Oh my. "
 '00-'10 is 10 years?
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I'm not sure how strong they actually are.
To be honest, I'm not sure what the point of print magazines are for video games. The internet provides demos, videos, pictures, forums, and even reviews much faster and more conveniently.
And hey, OP, if you think the Japanese way of gaming magazines might work over here, why not try it yourself?

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@Milkman said:
" @ryanwho: I really have no desire to argue about Star Wars over the internet, to be completely honest. But I did watch this review and though it was a thoroughly entertaining, the movie is not meant to be this over analyzed. As he points out in the review multiple times, Star Wars is for children. Always has, always will be. The movies are not meant to have every line examined and studied. Obviously, Episode I is nowhere near the quality of the original trilogy but I think it's time for some people to get over it and move on. "
If my kids were watching a movie, I'd prefer that it's a movie that actually makes fucking sense.
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@WoolyAbyss said:
" @freezerr: My brother was telling me about it but 70 minutes is a bit steep. "

It is long. I'd recommend trying out the first 10-minute video, as that covers how awful the characterization is, and is some of the best stuff.
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@HitmanAgent47 said:

Instead of listening to his points, why not just read the metacritic or rotton tomatoes average and a few reviews, it tells me everything I need to know. That guy is only one reviewer and if he's so good, maybe he should be a professional reviewer.
Watch me get a ton of replies because I mentioned rotton tomatoes, or metacritic and no one wants to be told what the average is or what to think.

Metacritic will tell you if a movie is good or bad -- an indepth review will tell you why. If you don't care why Star Wars 1 sucked so hard, that's alright by me. This is also a quite funny review.
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This guy on youtube does an amazing job of critiquing Star Wars Episode 1 and explaining why it's terrible in comparison to the original trilogy. It comes highly recommended.
Lost co-creator and Star Trek producer Damon Lindelof, said “Your life is about to change. This is astounding film making. Watch ALL of it.”
If any bad movie is worth a 70 minute critique, it's The Phantom Menace, if only to see how far the greatest franchise fell.
Jar jar is the least of the problems.

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There ought to be a statute of limitations on spoilers. Nobody has a right to complain about spoilers for a 2007 game, especially one you can get cheap on steam, at this point.