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I'm broken. Without words. I've followed these guys literally daily since 2009, Ryan has been, and always will be a important part of my own development as a human being. An inspiration and influence from afar. This is the saddest, most heartbroken monday i've had in the longest while. Do rest in peace Ryan Davis!

I no longer love Mondays... If i don't love them even more. In memorial.

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I'm in! sorta. Kinda just rebooted my computer for the third time in 'bout forty five minutes of game time. It locks up, god dammit it locks up hard. Also kinda have to start from the beginning every time. Slightly upsetting.
But whatever, it's day one.

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makes sense, so, where are we located people? I'm EU myself.
75% and counting.

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Bayonetta.. INsane.

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Just bought it of steam, staring into a four hour download at the moment, really exciting. 
As for servers, I haven't even been close to a computer running an mmo since the early days of WoW, so excuse my ignorance but how does an international community like ours tackle something like that?