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Everytime I hear his lisp it weirds me out the same way that guy who wrote in was ticked by the "huhh" on the bombcast though.

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@jazz: There are people that smurf for that reason but there are also high elo players who's matchmaking queue takes so long that they create a new account to get games quicker until they hit top end of the mmr again. Also there are pros who have multiple accounts, some secret to practice certain champ picks off the other teams' radar.

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@jazz: Yes for the most part the League of Legends bots are there just as punching bags for those new to the game to practice on as they transition into real games against people as the summoner leveling system was supposed to ease the learning curve as you'd be match based on your summoner lvl and MMR.

Unfortunately low level matchmaking is rife with smurfs these days which can do a lot to ruin a new player's experience.

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@jazz: Speaking of Bots of Doom have you tried the current featured mode for League of Legends 'DoomBots of Doom'? It's co-op vs ai based and makes for some interesting games until you figure ways to cheese the AI

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Seems a good fit, just hoping he losens up a bit on quick looks as he settles, right now his quick look contributions are very dry and matter of fact and feel more like he's there representing the game as an EX look instead of bringing the personality he does in the bombcast or upf. That could just be me unfairly comparing him to the Vinagawa shaped hole left in the West office though.

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Bloody hell this website has a seething undercurrent that's a hotbed of sociopathy doesn't it? I sometimes worry at how vividly the 'detatched from society gamer' stereotype is proven to be accurate by some people here. I'd chip in but Truthtellah and Dasakamov pretty much said everything I would.

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I'd offer to rally a group for you to play with on League on the EUW servers but it's mostly gold - diamond level players in my usual group with a sizable amount of normal games so the mmr would just drag you into games where you'd not learn much other than that some people are way better at this game than should be allowed.

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@jazz: If you're not feeling a character you should probably carry on trying new ones rather than using that time to reinforce a bad feeling retrying ones that didn't grab you out of the gate. Stick to champs you find fun and you'll have fun, find your flavour.

on the stats front there's a Share stats button after you end the match in League (not sure if it's there in bot games) that should create a url with all the games stats you'd be able to link in the thread for matches you found fun.

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@jazz Good to see you still soldiering on with both games, it's fun to see a journey a lot of us in the thread once made documented by yourself.

On the Kayle too squishy to be a melee champ she's played aggressively in windows where her she can activate her E to attack from range, you almost never want to be actually using the melee attack unless just last hitting. Pop your Q on the enemy to slow them, pop your E to start tearing them down if your E drops before they die you back out again and wait for E. As you said Attack speed is king for her with a smattering of Ability Power.

If you're in mid lane and find yourself running out of mana particularly against another ap carry you can go Chalice to keep a healthy mana pool and then from there either upgrade into grail or just look for other core items like roa / zhonya's / spell pen.

As TBK said you won't get too much out of jungling before you can build up runes (tier 1 runes are awful and you shouldn't buy them, if you stick it out only buy tier 3 runes) and masteries and in bot games the real jungling role isn't stretched with having no invades, no reaction to ganks, no counter ganks etc.

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@jazz: If you enjoyed Riven I might suggest Jax to you, he's a bit weak early in the early levels but once you get a Trinity Force or Blade of the Ruined King you're unstoppable and only get stronger, he's one of the highest scaling champions in the game and I fucking hate him and every time I have to lane against a good Jax.

Having enjoyed the Lux gameplay style I may suggest Morgana as she has a similar binding mechanic but then shields herself to walk in and ult enemies around her for a hefty slow and if she keeps them in range she'll lock them in place. she tends to see support play mainly but 'can' be played as an ap mid.

Something a bit more unique feeling; Kayle (morgana's sister) She's an ap caster who can nuke/slow with her Q, heal and speed up herself/allies with W, make her melee attacks become ranged for a short period with splashing aoe from the target with her E and become invulnerable for a short time on her ult. She's had a real fotm build lately where you go Nashor's tooth into Ruunan's Hurricane then spam out AP.