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I enjoyed Brink. You heard me!

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I see a lot of talk about collaboration and sharing of resources and then people misconstruing that as indication of a merger. Why trade two separate entities that can collaborate to reach two distinct audiences into one big mixed entity that would lose it's distinct personalities and end up more homogenized?

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I kinda figure he was hired to be the dedicated guy behind the camera and to focus on that.

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Bibimbap is a good all rounder, if you're at Korean bbq I'd definitely suggest the Joo mul luk (Korean beef) as someone who usually detests meat and finds it bland that stuff was one of the best things I've ever tasted in all my years! get it with some short grain rice, dipping sauce and some lettuce leafs, cook the beef, mix it with some rice, dunk it in the sauce then roll it up in the lettuce and ascend on beefy wings to Korean valhalla.

Disclaimer: YMMV being at a different establishment.

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Someone for the love of God lock this fucking thread

We need a stronger version of flagging.

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What do I want from games journalism? Nothing, it's done little to nothing of value for me and the only time I end up in conversations about it it's because of some awful childish us against them kind of back and fore that ends up with the worst aspects of humanity on show.

I play games as a hobby because I like them, they are a fun pastime when I get home from work and have a couple hours to myself. I don't want to be a part of some black and white good vs evil war over sexism, representation, artistic merit, violence, kirby being pink or white, but there seems to be this idea of if I don't pick a side on the extreme wing in any of these arguments that I'm part of the problem and am lumped in with the worst of those involved on either side an old if I don't support the troops then I must support the terrorists kind of thing, damned if I do, damned if I don't.

I just want the incredibly insular and increasingly inbred gaming 'journalism' clique and the depths of human vileness that are harboured on the internet that do battle against one another to not be some giant either/or that I have to side with just so I can come home and play some damned Pac-Man Championship Edition and identify as being interested in games.

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The not being worried talk reminds me about the appeasement. Talk about it not being your problem until Putin is at your doorstep with Kalashnikov.

He doesn't stand a chance against first world countries. Russia's basically like North Korea, but bigger. Just laugh at their shenannigans and move on.

I believe that in the period where European Union member nations have slashed their military budgets by up to half in some cases Russia has increased theirs by 20% steadily, Military analysts for the EU predict that it's member's ability to stop a full blown russian invasion should it occur look very shaky.

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reading about it just kinda leaves all sides involved sounding childish and losing respect. Phil Fish's tweets about cancelling projects cracked me up though, how do you tweet that and then be suprised that people like goading you into some kinda social media nerd-hulk state?