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It's too soon for all of this talk about the circumstances of his passing. Of course, knowing what happened would help in getting some form of closure, but there is no closure to be had after this short amount of time. Now is the time for mourning, especially for the people that were close to him. Couple of days are nothing. Please consider that. Maybe after some weeks or months his friends and family might be at a point where they are ready to talk about it. For now, let's exercise discretion.

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I am deeply moved by all these different and wonderful comments

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Why did most dlc planes have NO COCKPIT?!?!

you can do that in a racing game, because there is a lot of variety to the environment (tracks) and you get a better overview. But in a flight sim/game/whatever there is nothing to be gained by looking at your plane from behind. In the air your INSTRUMENTS are CRUCIAL because there are no reference points in the environment and plains are much more complex than cars. How could the suits think taking away this most basic and mandatory feature would somehow get more people into flying?

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ME is awesome! Good for you. Enjoy it while it lasts (the sequel is not as good in my opinion).

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I enjoy Brad's obsession about Starcraft, because it's a game that has a huge following, credibility, drama and character. I just realized how awesome it would have been if Jeff had done the same thing with Street Fighter.

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ME1 is one of my favorite games. To me it was like a playable hard-scince-fiction novel. ME2 on the other hand I did not find interesting at all. Game mechanics and story-wise. Too much streamlining, too less niche/nerdcore-appeal. As if it was made by and for completely different people. Im not so sure if I should finish it. It seems everybody claims that the suicide mission at the end is worth it. Maybe Im just too pissed about what they did with the game I cared so much about.

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  I played over 350 hours so far and spent some more time reading threads on SRK. As of now my win% is like 29 and im slowly starting to feel better at the game. I played fighting games before, but only "casually". I got SF4 because my friends got it. I went online and got smashed. I went into training mode and then went online and I got smashed some more. Losing never bothered me, but playing against and losing to players who seemed to never try out anything besides the most-reward-with-fewest-effort-possible things did. I really liked the game and wanted to become better at it but fighting against button mashers made me loose my temper quite some times.  Fighting against the better players was what kept my interest in the game. For me it seemed clear, that figthing games are about mindgames, execution and knowing the matchup (=experience) and that this is where it gets really fun and truly rewarding to play. But what I did not know is, that these things get less important, the more the online lag gets. Especially at the beginner level, but to some extend this applies throughout all ranks. Online in SF4 pretty much sucks! You have to accept it and then you can still take your fun or exercise or whatever out of it. Start by figuring out how to punish certain characters moves with easy and reliable moves of yourself (and without the need of instant reactions or being "frametight", because if you dont play with a green conncetion you probably have at least 3-5 frames of lag, which is why online favors button mashing and certain other strategies). I dont want to give any further advice because I think some people here know far better and also already gave you the best advice you need. I'll only add that if you dont have friends who you can play offline, you can only hope that SSF4's online matchmaking works far better than the old one did (which looks like it) or else you are doomed. Or you are forced to make new friends:)     

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please always dispose of the ink cartridge properly. that shit is harmfull.

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I cant even complain about gameplay and stuff, even if i wanted (i dont), because my biggest issues are: 
2 no party chat
3 i have to mute 30-60% of the players again and again. Where do all those annoying people come from and why cant they just stfu? 
While 2 and 3 are somewhat connected and still can be argued about, I have to say that I prefer no multiplayer over laggy multiplayer. I guess I have to take sides with Bad Company. Sorry IW... (please give us dedicated servers!)