Games That Made Me Cry

We've all had those games that broke our hearts and had us biting our cheeks to keep our friends from seeing our trembling lower lips.

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Posted by Splitterguy

Wow, you are a total wuss.  It's okay though; so am I.  I'm surprised at the lack of MGS 3 in this list.

Posted by Neon941

Needs MGS2 with EE's death and the bros forever handshake.

Posted by FrickNinja
@Splitterguy: I made it before I really got to pay attention to MGS3's story. I feel quite silly for not including it now because it's probably my favorite game of the series.
Posted by Romination

I was a BIT shocked by Phoenix Wright being on there, but damn it, that last bit, when it all came together at the end of the last case...that was pretty good.

Posted by ahoodedfigure

Oops, I missed the spoiler warning at the top... gar

Posted by FrickNinja
@ahoodedfigure:  eep! Sorry about that!
Posted by ahoodedfigure
@FrickNinja: Heh, I should expect them everywhere :)  No worries, I sorta suspected he killed his wife anyway ;)
Posted by Psykhophear