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So let me get this straight: When removing the motherboard out of the case with or without components it works? But when putting it in the case it doesn't function? Are you guys sure it's not the board that is short circuiting because you have put too many motherboard standing screws? If one screw doesn't pop through the whole of the board, but instead under it, it will crash the system and can damage the motherboard.

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Only with a modified nv.inf file, but what issues are you running into exactly? I've read about an instability with the 980 if the system has 32GB of memory installed. Is this what you have? As a basic troubleshoot I would start with a BIOS update, if you haven't done so, and doing a clean install of the latest driver. Also if you are using one of these "gaming" cards that's been factory overclocked you want to make sure it's stable, if not try downclocking using software, e.g MSI Afterburner. The default core clock on a 980 is 1126MHz.

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A Steam Client Update was released on 14th August 2014 that changed the UI and fixed a lot of issues, including performance improvements to the client itself. In this update this particular issue with Flash Player has now been fixed for me and if you're having the same you should update Steam (updates automatically) to see if this fixed it for you.

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So you want the extra work developers put into the re-releases for free? Yeah, good luck with that buddy.

Has happened in the past so it is not alien. It would - at least to me - create a better relationship between consumer/developer. But I see your point.

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For people that didn't play it originally, and giving them an option to get a version with all the DLC included as part of the package? I really don't see the problem.

But these versions aren't just a package with all of the DLC, If they were I wouldn't have this conversation. They include graphical enhancements and sometimes new gameplay. Something in my opinion should be updated into the original version and not re-released as a seperate game. The main problem here for me is that developers are treating a PC the same way as a console, which they aren't. If you want a next generation console you need to buy one, if I want a better PC I just buy a new video card. In order for me to get the improved graphics (which I think should be taken as a grain of salt) I need to re-purchase the game instead of getting it as an update. Usually I get it at a discounted price because I already have the game, but still.

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I have gotten the impression that in this year's dry gaming season on the next generation of platforms, which I assume is now called current generation? Instead of spending time on new exciting and refreshing games they are doing these remastering of older games. Now that concept is completely fine to me, but the problem is that these games are only a year or two old. I mean do we really need to see an already great game on the Xbox 360 or Playstation 3 now boasted to run in a higher resolution on Xbox One and Playstation 4? Games like Tomb Raider, Last of Us, Metro 2033, Metro Last Light and Sleeping Dogs. You know what, fine. I am sure plenty of people thinks that is OK as long as the price is right. More people get to play it too so that's thumbs up. But the old-gen to new-gen thing isn't exactly what I am going to write about. No, It's these "old" PC gen to the "new" PC gen, yes.

So why do I have a problem with these? Because usually games on PC for the last year or two are already running in higher resolutions, textures, greater shadows, more density and of course higher framerates. So what is the point of these remastering-definite-complete-redux editions coming out for the PC? I already know the answer to this and probably you do as well.

For me it all started with the Deus Ex Human Revolution: Director's Cut. A game that does not necessarily fit perfectly in in what I am going to write about. 75% off on Steam because I already had the original. Great! So what do I get? "Improved" graphics (and I put graphics in quotation because it was a direct port from the Wii U version and it looked terrible in comparison), better gameplay, the ability to sneak past boss fights, all of the DLC (which I already had so, uh, thanks?) and listening to the developers talking poor English. What a great deal that was, well no not really. But you know, It is still Deus Ex and it's a good game I think. But my point is that I spent €9 for an "upgrade" that was really a downgrade, so now we have Sleeping Dogs: Definite Edition coming out for the next (current) generation of platforms and the PC, aswell as Metro 2033 & Last Light, also coming to the PC, again!

Both Metro 2033 and Last Light looks amazing on the PC, and now it is coming as this "Redux" version running it in 1080p at 60fps. Well guess what, the original did that already on the PC platform so I have no idea what is up with these remastering. But wait, we get all of the DLC including "never seen content and new animations." But I am not going to spend (€20! and that's 50% off) on this package for both games just for that. And these games are also boasted "better graphics". I don't understand this, It was already pushing new PC hardware off the roof when it first came out, so now we get even better graphics? Or do we get a Deus Ex: Director's Cut Syndrome, where the developers are saying one thing, but the graphics is designed for a console and the PC version will actually look worse?

And finally the Definite Edition of Sleeping Dogs was just announced. And the same freakin' thing here, it will come out on the PC. For people who played Sleeping Dogs on PC, it was already running in 1920x1080p at 60 frames per second (you could even get it at higher resolutions than that aswell as higher framerates) It also came with this "high resolution pack" for free, and if your hardware is good enough you can enable SS-anti aliasing, and that game still looks at this date & time very good. I guess I just need to wait for these games to come out before judging. Hopefully they will actually be *gasp* better.

So why not do this: Release remastered games on platforms that needs it. Let the "improved graphics" be a free update to the already version (see CDprojekt Red as Reference). And release new content as a seperate DLC for a price? Well that's my thoughts. I guess people will be split about this. I cannot speak for you but I am corious about what you guys think. Feel free to share your thoughts about these new remasters, both for consoles and PC if you wish.

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@taskman_ said:

I figured this issue out, been annoying me off and on for a month now. Looking into how steam interacts with the OS, I found it wants to use the flash plugin on your default browser. It had switched from Chrome to IE at some point. The issue did come up after a steam update a month ago, could have caused it.

Either way, when I switched back to Chrome as the OS default browser and restarted steam. All was good again.

Very interesting, but unfortunately it did not work for me as I don't use a secondary internet browser, I only use Internet Explorer and it is already set to default operating browser.

For anyone using multiple browsers try this out:

  • Option 1: go to "standardprograms" by typing it in search (swipe right on Windows 8). At the top it should say something like "set standardprogram", and in there I think you should see Chrome. So click on that and set it as standard. Restart Steam and see if it helped.
  • Option 2: Click the Chrome menu toolbar and click settings. It should be a section for "Default Browsers" and in there you should be able to change Chrome to the default browser. Now restart Steam Client.

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I think I got the information I needed. And to conclude; it seems pretty much the games I want on PC (Dragon Age: Inquisition, Far Cry 4, Assassin's Creed: Unity, The Sims 4 and The Witcher 3 [49,99 as pre-order]) are same prices as consoles (€60 £50). So I think this is, or will be, normal pricing for AAA games on PC. Because of this I will be waiting or purchasing retail because every game are actually cheaper there, and they also include these pre-order-things aswell as steelboxes, manuals, maps, soundtrack et cetera.

Thank you all for contributing.

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OK, so it's just with Ubisoft and EA games? I did only pay 39,99 for Divinity (great game by the way). I do would like to know why they increased the price to 60 though. I mean do they cost more to develop? And what I find strange is that I can get both Unity and Far Cry 4 for much cheaper retail, with boxset and pre-order bonuses, I just don't understand why digital has to cost so much more when they offer less.