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Dying Light? is that the Techland zombie game? No thanks.

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I am not defending DRM, but I have a hard time finding much information regarding this except for some random forum posts about it and most of them just hates the idea of a DRM made by the people behind SecuRom, aswell as writing that no games using it has been cracked. I also find it insane to think that it would only use one block for the encryption, I mean I am not in denial, but it's such a strange behavior to me. As for now I will take this as a grain of salt and try to research this from, let say, more trusted sources including solid proof. If you are caring for your solid state drives It wouldn't hurt to just put this on your regular hard drive until more information comes around it. I only have SSD's but I am not worried. And my game probably wont arrive until Friday so enough time to do some more research I guess.

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Pretty sure it has nothing to do with fuel but altitude to keep you in the game world. But I'm not entirely sure.

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I'm a little tired of seeing the 660 listed as "recommended." It's clearly freakin' bullshit. Especially as this is the second time in a month we've seen it on recommended lists that basically stated it actually wasn't enough unless you get the expensive extra capacity models.

A 660 isn't going to max this out. Don't kid me. It'll handle it pretty well, but you're not getting max settings at constant 60. I'll eat an egg on that.

Please stop listing this mythical 3GB 660 spec.

Why are you tired? Where did they write that a 660 could max out this game and maintain 60 frames per second? I see the word "recommended", but when did that word translate to "max/full/ultra"? This really perplexes me. Are there people out here that thinks that the recommended system requirements for a PC game means that you will be able to max out the game? No, the game merely advise, suggest and propose what system is good to play the game.

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While demos doesn't give a good indication of the whole game, still It is such a shame that we rarely see game demos anymore.

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I agree. I actually liked Dragon Age 2 for what it was, but it felt short, unepic and simply rushed compared to Origins, but that's the thing, I'm comparing it to Origins because it's the official sequel. I think the game would have had a better time if it was just a spin off, or something in that nature. Regardless, Inquisition seems to bind Origins and Dragon Age 2 together in its own form which makes me happy at least because I had fun with both games, but I can understand why some people are still on edge.

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I've seen 60 on this website for over a year now and I haven't been using the HTML player, but this player (aswell as Gamespot's player) is really bad and choppy. I don't know why, but I think it has something to do with ads being launched in the background creating brief stops in the videos, or maybe because Internet Explorer is a jerk. Regardless I still prefer just watching videos here.

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This game seems rushed in the performance on pretty much every platform, but according to GeForce this is a starting point with resolution on 1920x1080 and maintaining at least 40 frames per second. Remember that this is with an older build aswell as unoptimized drivers/game updates. with them, and upcoming updates, this will most likely change.

1920x1080AAAOBloomEnv. QualityShadowsTextures
GTX 980TXAAHBAO+OnUltra HighPCSSUltra High
GTX 970TXAAHBAO+OnUltra HighPCSSUltra High
GTX 780 Ti2xMSAAHBAO+OnUltra HighPCSSHigh
GTX 770FXAAOffOnHighHighLow
GTX 680FXAAOffOffLowLowLow

AA = anti aliasing | AO = Ambient Occlusion

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Just ordered it retail for PC because retail is like $10-15 cheaper than digital, absolutely idiotic, but whatever. If anyone knows if I can just redeem the code on Origin so I can play without disc then let me know. I could with The Sims 4 so I'm guessing yes. I do look forward to just take my time and explore the world, so excited.

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Playing Ubisoft games on release for the PC is like playing a beta or an unfinished game. Five game updates and two new video drivers later I'm sure it will be a tiny bit better. Even though my Haswell/Maxwell combo could probably run it at an acceptable level as is I will never buy their games at release. Shame too because I enjoy most of their games.