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I take credit for all good things and none of the bad.

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@yodalong said:


You're the most hated Price Is Right contestant ever.

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@snail Good catch. Relinked the topic to the forum.

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The main thing in the job listing is that you must pass the background check. That cannot be stressed enough.

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And I am Frobie in game.

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Update #2:

The fix is in, almost. Sent a pull request to Plex to merge in the fix:

When they do the merge, it should update the GiantBomb channel in everyone's Plex account.

To access the premium videos, you'll have to enter your API Key (from via the cog wheel seen on the channel list page or in the upper right corner of the screen when in the channel.

As part of this fix:

- Added a 'next page' button to paginate through categories with more than 100 videos

- Fixed the endurance run lists to show the correct videos

- Added endurance-like runs to the endurance run list: Chrono Trigger, Break Brad: Demon's Souls, Load Our Last Soulds, Metal Gear Scanlon, Bradley May Cry

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Here are my findings so far:

Plex updated the way they pull down videos. Instead of grabbing it from the API, they are grabbing the meta data from our site's video pages. In this update, they also removed the link code from the plugin repository.

So current workaround is to log into GiantBomb with your subscription account using the same browser that you're running the Plex Media Server. This allows Plex to grab the meta data of premium videos.

I'll be working on getting Plex to accept direct video feeds rather than hitting up our site pages for it.

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@hermes Thanks for the heads up. We'll look at fixing this for a better experience.

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@shora_f Have you tried ThunderStorm101's fix of clearing browser history?

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Work: Macbook Pro

Home: PC WinXP, maybe Pentium 4. The sticker says Pentium at least.