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McGuinness, Molloy, McCrea?

You could get away with using English, Welsh and Scottish surnames as well though, we do occasionally inter-marry ;-)

Big old list:

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This is science. Science is being done. Answering the questions religion shuns.

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No option in the poll for bought one after seeing the Digital Event? It tipped me over the edge as I'd been very tempted since the release of Mario Kart, despite the inexplicably garbage Battle Mode.

Finding out I could pick up Wind Waker for free just sweetened the deal, and so far I'm finding a lot to love about the console. It's the perfect complement to my PS4.

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Coming to define what my role is at Giant Bomb, a website built on collaboration, has been tough. Not everything has worked.

I think it's remarkable how much has worked, especially since you've only been out of the office for a year. Seeing you and the site adapt to your departure gives me great hope for GBNY.

Yeah, I've been pretty blown away by how much content has come out of Chicago. Patrick has defined what the role of the offsite Bomber should be. It'll be interesting to see how Vinny and Alex rise to the challenge Patrick has presented.

I agree Patrick's doing a great job and his output is only going to get better - I absolutely cannot wait for his Crusader Kings 2 coverage as that game is completely amazing. Well worth watching the Idle Thumbs play through and the story of that magnificent bastard Ragnar if you've never seen CKII.

However I'd hope Vinny is going to do his own thing and not follow the same template so to speak? What works for Patrick works for Patrick I reckon.

In the end though, I think a wider spread of Giant Bomb geographically is a fantastic opportunity for the content to broaden to the gaming community around them. It's all good.

Giant Bomb UK next please! ;-)

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This can only mean that an East-coast Vinnycast will soon exist to compliment the Bombcast, right?

Good luck Vinny! Looking forward to how this pans out, I'm sure it'll be new and awesome.

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I don't think the live video is working in iOS again - I guess I'll see the PAX content when it eventually hits the site as Twitch archives don't work either unless they've switched their tech recently :-/

Have to admit I'm glad I don't work with video over the web, it sounds like its a bit of a nightmare!

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Working ok for me on iPad, if a bit variable in video quality. I was streaming it to my TV via AirPlay though, so y'know, Future World Problems

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@mrpibb: Yeah definitely not working, and I'm on latest iOS version so should be covered if you guys are using feature detection to decide whether chat is enabled?