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@pirata said:

2015 is looking more and more barren. Where did all the video games go?

Here's my list of upcoming games I'm interested in I like to keep handy on my phone. Sure some of these will slip to 2016 but 2015 is looking pretty damn healthy to me if ~70% of these get released this year.

- Adrift
- Batman: Arkham Knight
- Bloodborne - out 27/03
- Broken Age - Part 2
- Cuphead
- Everyone's Gone to the Rapture
- Firewatch
- Galak-Z
- Hellblade - 2016?
- Impact Winter
- Kentucky Route Zero - Act IV & V
- Memory of a Broken Dimension
- Metal Gear Solid V - 01/09
- Necropolis
- No Mans Sky
- Overwatch
- Persona 5
- Pillars of Eternity - out 26/03
- Project CARs - 02/04
- Rime
- Routine
- Salt and Sanctuary
- Severed
- Splatoon - 05?
- Street Fighter V
- Tangiers
- Tearaway Unfolded
- The Legend of Zelda - 2016!
- The Witcher 3 - 19/05
- The Witness
- Torment: Tides of Numenera
- Uncharted 4 - 2016!
- Until Dawn
- We Happy Few
- Xenoblade Chronicles X

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In a perfect word Ubisoft is planning on expanding on this blummin' gem of a game. I feel bad for any one playing it with vertigo though

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@jslack: Thanks! Much appreciated.

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Had my yearly premium fail to auto-renew at the end of the year, and tried to pay manually using a UK Visa Debit card on both desktop and mobile Safari only to get a "merchant service error".

I paid successfully with this kind of card last time (albeit a different one as it expired last year) and my bank hasn't called to tell me about a refused payment.

Is this a bug or known issue? I googled and searched here and couldn't find anything.



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So this is scant weeks away from release and seems to be flying super low under the radar like an almighty stealth albatross.

Should I be getting some hype up for this or not, as I'm really in the mood for a decent racer on PC and PS4 :) It certainly looks like a peer to GT / Forza from what I've seen so far and I certainly like the refreshing lack of the now obligatory, overused RPG levelling and car unlocking nonsense every other game in this genre has embraced.

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GIFs cannot express my shock and excitement. I am GIFless

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@Coldman: Triangle is one of my favourite horror films. If you haven't seen it you're in for a treat.

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With all the love for Kill List bit surprised no-ones mentioned Sightseers? Great film. And a big plus one for A Field in England if you like trippy madness.

Honestly don't think Ben Wheatley can do any wrong, he's one of the most interesting British directors working right now.

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Yup, followed. Thanks for the heads up :)

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@fattony12000 said:

I just wrote out a 500 word prologue for a horror story depicting Dan escaping from a New York prison only to find that the first person outside of the prison that he sees (a lady whom he's car-jacking) has his face instead of her own face. And then things get weirder as he drives into town.

I then accidentally closed the tab before posting.



So kind of Dan in a cross between Escape from New York and Aphex Twins video for Windowlicker?

Point me to your Kickstarter, I wish to shower it with my riches...