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So this is scant weeks away from release and seems to be flying super low under the radar like an almighty stealth albatross.

Should I be getting some hype up for this or not, as I'm really in the mood for a decent racer on PC and PS4 :) It certainly looks like a peer to GT / Forza from what I've seen so far and I certainly like the refreshing lack of the now obligatory, overused RPG levelling and car unlocking nonsense every other game in this genre has embraced.

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GIFs cannot express my shock and excitement. I am GIFless

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@Coldman: Triangle is one of my favourite horror films. If you haven't seen it you're in for a treat.

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With all the love for Kill List bit surprised no-ones mentioned Sightseers? Great film. And a big plus one for A Field in England if you like trippy madness.

Honestly don't think Ben Wheatley can do any wrong, he's one of the most interesting British directors working right now.

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Yup, followed. Thanks for the heads up :)

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@fattony12000 said:

I just wrote out a 500 word prologue for a horror story depicting Dan escaping from a New York prison only to find that the first person outside of the prison that he sees (a lady whom he's car-jacking) has his face instead of her own face. And then things get weirder as he drives into town.

I then accidentally closed the tab before posting.



So kind of Dan in a cross between Escape from New York and Aphex Twins video for Windowlicker?

Point me to your Kickstarter, I wish to shower it with my riches...

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According to eurogamer "Their average lifespan was 2 minutes, 22 seconds."

I'm not sure this sounds like much fun to me to be honest, if it's just the same bullet sponge enemies thrown at you in overwhelming numbers for very, very little in game reward.

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I would have said Destiny but I've slowly cooled on that game as more of it's been revealed to the point I'm considering cancelling my pre-order and waiting for reviews.

Surprisingly, I'm finding myself going with The Last of Us Factions multiplayer. The way the meta-game and the survival mechanisms brought in from the single player influence the game play is fantastic. After playing Tomb Raiders laughably bad MP, it's refreshing to see the online side of TLoU has had some care lavished on it and thematically matches the story. The emphasis on stealth, teamwork and resource gathering is much more quietly revolutionary than Titanfall's flashy parkour and giant robots, in my opinion.

In fact, f there's a TLoU 2 I'm sort of more interested in the multiplayer now that Ellie and Joel's story is told. Hope they really expand on what they've done with extra game types, possibly even tying them in to the meta game so events determine the kind of match you play. Would love to see the infected brought into the game as well, whether as wildcards in competitive matches or in some kind of co-op mode.

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So, basically not exclusive.

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McGuinness, Molloy, McCrea?

You could get away with using English, Welsh and Scottish surnames as well though, we do occasionally inter-marry ;-)

Big old list: