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Spam or modern art?


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@dannyodwyer: But seriously, I WOULD LOOOOOVE IF YOU WOULD JOIN THE GIANT BOMB GUYS. I love your RE and The Point stuff, you would be ideal because you can edit video stuff AND be an on-camera-guy! Also you would bring some a european-alcoholic touch that a german dude like me would appreciate!

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That's why you just stick to Counterstrike-

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What a strange question to just ask on a message board.

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This. Stay safe kids.

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Fucking Clive Barkers Jericho. You fight this evil child thing FOR EVER in some really unexciting cave and then the other bad dude that you defeated earlier just swoops in and takes the boss away and you dont get ANY salvation or whatever. Im really upset that I played that game to the end. FUCK THIS

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When I eat mushrooms on my burger

You are on some gangster shit! Mushrooms on a burger sound potentially awesome.

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Haaahahaaa. Hilarious writing. Love the GTA V bit.

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I was thinking about getting one like him, mom in binary around the arm. Even if at some point I forget this site, It still looks cool and also it's about my mom, so that wont ever be dumb.

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