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@zevvion: The French had the right idea with metric/decimal time!

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@natetodamax: Awesome, and good luck!

Any runners on here using Strava? I've recently switched from endomondo and am loving it!

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@oompaville: Start off doing shorter or slower runs (or both) and then build up from there. Do try and get into a routine, you'll start craving a run after it becomes habit!

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@oompaville: Yep! I'm one of those running people. Current pb of 42.34 for 10k and 1.35.20 for a half marathon. Hoping to do under 1.32 in my next race. I use endomondo and strava, search for Derrick Warren.

My diet is eat what I want, when I want. Though, it helps that I like a good salad!

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My secret, you all promise not to tell any of my family right. Good.

My fiancée and I are getting married in secret in October this year in none other than San Francisco!

We're in the process of sorting it all as I type this! Holidaying in California for 2 weeks from the UK.

So if anyone knows any (cheap) good photographers...

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Sorted! I was being a bit derpy. I forgot to put a ":" in the URL.

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@rorie: I used the link you posted but the latest podcast was from September, Box office bomb episode 8.

Using pocketcast on Android.

Thanks in advance!

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Great post! Has anyone tried the web browser yet; can you get giantbomb videos to work? I really lament having to plug my laptop into the TV to watch subscriber videos!

Only 13 more days till UK release!

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This just undid all of the good I got from watching Patricks TED talk.

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@Coiledstring said:

I agree bricks and mortar is dying but where else will wives, mothers and girlfriends buy presents for their gamers.

My wife wont surprise me with an online purchase at Christmas, etc, and supermarkets have limited mainstream stock.

[In Plymouth there are still 3 "Game" stores and a "Gamestation" on the main high street. This is probably their biggest problem financially]

I was going to point out the exact same thing... Plymouth isn't massive and yet they have 3 stores within a mile of each other.

Many parents/partners used to rely on stores like this for getting presents, I worked in Game in my earlier years and we often got parents and bemused girlfriends asking for help on what to buy, which is something you can't do in Tesco...

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