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These are all awesome. That is all for now.





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You look a bit too excited with that Katamari Damaci character....

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Sweet man PAX was really fun this year.

Posted by Darro

Looks like you had a pretty sweet time not only encountering Jeff and Ryan but Mr Schafer.  Also, James and yourself look a little too excited with the Katamari.  Maybe you are going to get rolled up shortly afterwards. :P

Posted by Slunks

What a great weekend.
Aren't video games icons just ... awesome?

Posted by ArtG

I bet that one dude in the brown shirt in the last picture was your favorite. Right? RIGHT? RIGHT?! :*(

Posted by TonyS

Who is that one dude in the brown shirt in the last picture? Looks like some loser that would debate the merits of cake and pie.