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IMHO, Darksiders Zelda Dark Souls, Metroidvania Zelda Castlevania. Demon-vania Metroid-zelda, way more than Darksiders II original Legend of Zelda. Dark Souls dungeon item-gate, water-gate temple shoe polish turkey sandwich.

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I'm looking for someone to play the campaign with me on the 360.   I'm trying it on insane, but I think the game allows us to select different difficulties if you'd like.  I'm generally around in the evenings, and my gamertag is the same as my giantbomb username (frontman12). 

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Bioshock (both games), Grand Theft Auto, Resident Evil, and anything developed by Bethesda, Remedy, or Monolith.

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@Jack268:  Apparently a game that hasn't been released has managed to miss the point. 
I agree with most here about the second Condemned game.  Everything seemed to be so overtly explained, the intrigue and mystery was a bit lost.  I disagree about Bioshock 2.  I think of it as a compelling story about the nature of love and fatherhood, and the modeling that we do for our children.  I also find many of the characters unique and fascinating, such as Grace Holloway and Sinclair.  To yet again differ from the majority, I actually thought Dead Space 2 missed the point of the original, at least for me.  The first game had this sense of suffocation and isolation.  I was always talking to other people in the second iteration, and I could not identify or get into Isaac's battle with madness.  The story was not bad, but I simply couldn't get immersed in it.  It's a great game, and worthy of the review scores it has received, but it took the series in a somewhat strange direction for me.
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I love Bonobo, a British downtempo artist.  I would recommend his newest, Black Sands.  Also, in the genre, Quantic, Zero 7, Air, and Blockhead are worth listening to.

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@Drakhir said:
" Conviction. "
This, and the Assassin's Creed games.  While I agree that the scripted stealth kills from Call of Duty games are rather badass, I'd prefer to create situations where I can stealth kill anyone.
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Indigo Prophecy.

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Assault Rifles, though there are situations where the 74u can still be pretty beastly.  The Famas is entirely too good from the the hip, actually better at close range than many SMGs (this is supposedly their specialty).  I don't have a single class at this point with an SMG, opting for the Galil, Commando, and Famas.

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Well, what is Blacklight: Tango Down doing that isn't being done by Black Ops, Bad Company 2, or Reach?  Not to say it's a bad game, I only tried the demo.  However, when you try to compete with the juggernauts that already are fighting over the competitive FPS audience, you need to bring something new, fresh, amazing, etc.  As far as new IPs, Alan Wake, Enslaved, Bayonetta were all fun, solid experiences, to name a few that came out last year.

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@pweidman:  I don't know exactly what you're referring to either.  At this point, It seems to me to be as weak as it was in the first Modern Warfare.  Regular knife distance in MW2 (w/o Commando) was a solid and interesting mechanic.  It's just a different reflex.  When two players meet from mid range, the one with quicker reflexes and better accuracy wins.  Meeting someone in close quarters, some people have the knifing reflex, others don't.  It was just another aspect of the game's combat.  Now, it's basically useless again.  Hop on the hip-firing Famas train. 
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