My List of the Most Memorable Video Game Characters

These are in no particular order, and of course will include characters from the genre of games I enjoy playing.

One particular character that I found extremely memorable that does not have a page on Giantbomb is Ohdahviing, from Bethesda's Skyrim. I counted my interaction with Ohdahviing as my first real speaking encounter with a dragon on equal footing. Paarthurnax seems more like a human than a dragon, and Alduin was so arrogant that the engagements never had much depth. Ohdahviing made me believe that I was the dragonborn in a way that no other experience in the game could do. Of course he was proud and opportunistic, but he was also majestic and fair (in a strange way). I found the lead up to the game ending sequences fantastic, and relished the ability to call Ohdahviing to my side in battle.

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Posted by RNG

Look... Wesker wasn't the main enemy in RE5.  The boulder was.

Posted by medacris

Cate Archer needs to return someday.

And we need a Red Alert/Portal 2 crossover so we can have President Cave Johnson and it will be awesome.