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Makes me want to play the D3 Beta now! I'm looking forward to Diablo just as much. American Nightmare looks interesting and hopefully the story telling is just as good as Alan Wake, a friend demanded I only play the game when he could watch because he was into the story so much.

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I don't mind "testing" games now if they setup in advance that it is a work in progress. I feel like game developers are getting worse and worse at releasing unfinished buggy games on all systems though. I guess I'm just old to remember days where games came out and although not perfect, did not seem to have game stopping bugs causing huge issues for the paying customer. I hope the trend balances out at some point.

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Even better is myself and 2 friends joining a game in progress, killing someone and getting -1999998839 EXP. I'm now level 1 and won't be digging myself out of that hole anytime soon. Called Activision after waiting on the phone for over an hour and they are supposed to take care of it at some point. Good thing we don't have dedicated servers on PC right? Safer that way...

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Kind of glad in a way with so many other games to play. At the same time it would be nice to finally play it after all these years. Come on beta invite!

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It cuts off once in a while for me, I notice it a lot more on longer videos like Quick Look EXs and such. I've PMed Andy.

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Argh, couldn't take the time off of work even after I bought a 3-day pass.  I was looking forward to meeting up with the Giant Bomb crew and just going to Pax East in general so much.  Next year... next year I shall not be stopped!

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Big words but I know Blizzard can back them up.  I will play this "Titan" MMO when it comes out for sure.  Looking forward to hearing more about it.

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Bullshit pre-order bonus crap, how about if we pre-order your game we get all that shit?  Don't leave out game play "cases" just because we didn't pre-order from Gamestop or Walmart come on Rockstar, shit move.

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Sad they are only including the commentary in the Legendary Edition, a lot of people interested in hearing are going to miss out because they don't care to buy that version.  Oh well.

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Just wish they'd release a PSP2 already or tell us what the fate of the PSPGO is at the very least.  Game looks good though and I'll probably buy it for my Go.