Steam makes me want games I don't want

I've recently bought lots of games off of steam that I never really wanted but found out that I love them, I'd like to thank Steam for it's amazing deals because at these low prices I couldn't pass up Flotilla, Civ 4 complete pack and Altitude. So I was wondering if anyone else found a game that they had no idea about, bought it and loved it?


Gamefly is making me mad...

As of two weeks ago my experience with Gamefly has been a good one. I send my games and get a new one in about four days (I live in Indy and am nowhere near one of there places). It's been consistent and fair enough. Then two weeks ago I sent back Uncharted 2 on a monday so I could have God of War 3 for my three day weekend, I was in for a surprise. The apparently didn't recieve my game until that saturday and still hadn't shipped a new game out comin on the next tuesday so I just cleared my queue and am gonna try and get Red Dead Redemption next week, hopefully they don't forget to send it. Does anyone else ever have this kind of problem with Gamefly?


NBA Playoffs...zzzzz

So the NBA Playoffs started yesterday and I've got to say those were some boring games. Cavs blew out the Bulls (even though at a time it looked like an insane comeback), Hawks beat the Bucks, and Nuggets beat the Jazz. The only good game of the night was Heat Vs. Celtics, the Heat I think are the only team that has a chance to beat the higher seed because they had a huge lead in the second half and if they hadn't blown it it would've been an easy win. Then again look at the C's and you see Ray Allen missing tons of open threes, if he hits those the Celtics win this series easily. So I'm hoping that today's games are a bit more close and exciting.


Only two more games...

As the Pacers season comes to a close I stop and think of all the good and bad times of the season from DG and Tyler Hansbrough's injuries to the surprise of AJ Price's play make this a crazy season. After it all I can't help but have more hope for the future than before with Danny Granger coming back into form averaging close to thirty points in the month of March. Hibbert and Rush are both playing a lot better and some solid practice time this offseason with all the returning players we should be a tight knit group next year that has a good shot at a playoff spot especially if the East stays as soft as it is. All in all I can't wait for next season and the draft considering our chance for a high lottery pick is as good as ever. The Pacers future looks bright!


Pacers ending season on a good note

The Indiana Pacers are ending the season on a good note after the lackluster beginning and middle. No long in contention for a playoff spot the pacers are playing very well winning eight of their last ten games and had a large winning streak at Conseco that was snapped by the Dwyane Wade and the Miami Heat late March. Danny Granger averaged 29.5 points in March after being helped off the court at the end of February. Troy Murphy has also stepped up his game with ten straight double doubles and on heating up from the three point line. It'll be interesting to see what they do in the offseason after seeing how well this team can play. I wouldn't be surprised to see relatively the same squad on the hardwood next year with a few minor tweaks and our (hopefully high) new draft pick.