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If I see or hear less Vinny on a weekly basis, I'm going to be one very sad panda.

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Way to overshadow your list, Patrick. Miss you, Ryan.

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I found that standing it vertically made the fan a lot louder, so I put it horizontally. YMMV.

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@wilsouk: Using a US account works fine. I plan to buy all my games from the US digital store, because Australian digital prices are even worse than the UK's.

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Working great here. It feels like the PSN Store finally uses a real CDN. My cable connection maxes out.

Maybe investigate the MTU settings on your modem.

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I'm having a devil of a time getting the videos to even start loading. iPad 4. I tap the play button, the spinner appears briefly in the status bar and no video loads. A CDN problem? I'm in Australia.

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What sad, shocking news. My thoughts go out to Ryan's family and friends.

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This thread is making me pretty bloody happy that I backed the Kickstarter.

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I can't think of any cheap solutions. Home theatre amps will do it for you if you know somebody with an amp you could borrow.