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Anyone lean primarily on the Genesis version for their Shadowrun nostalgia? The sense of moderate openness that game had feels lacking in the first 90 minutes or so here; environments feel a little bit more linear and deserted than I might have hoped. Perhaps there's a little more diversity in where you can wander and who you can speak to later on, I suppose.

Or maybe the rosy glint of youth is casting the old Genesis game in rather better light than it deserves.

I'd say it was up there as one of my favorite Genesis games by far. Endless gameplay, decent combat / systems, and fairly open world (considering the era). Honestly, being a decker in Shadowrun Returns is extremely disappointing compared to the way they did it in the Genesis game.

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Looks like I was dropped from the guild after being inactive for a bit. I'd definitely like back in if there's room.

Account Name: andorhal.8420

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"Wardell is continuing to contribute to the thread, which is an interesting legal tactic." = Stardock's lawyers saying "wtf".

I may not know what really went down, but the timing of Stardock's case against her seems to say a lot.

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I'd definitely like in. Already on the spreadsheet.

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@bemusedchunk: Most of the game goes through the same story for all three factions. The only exceptions that I know of are the faction specific missions that you get at certain points. From what I understand, the first faction mission has the same general base for each faction, but plays different. For example, my Templar friend ran through the first half of his faction mission and killed a bunch of Filth in a dark parking garage then fought tougher enemies getting out. When I did the Dragon version of the mission, I had to keep to the shadows for the first half of the parking garage, otherwise mobsters with 2x my HP (as a tank) would destroy me. From what he said, the basis for the mission was very similar in story and location, but they played out completely differently. That said, I'm almost out of Solomon Island (the first major story area) and I've only had one faction mission so far.

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Origins already looked gorgeous, but this? This new rendering engine makes it look phenomenal.

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DQ9 wasn't terrible. It wasn't DQ4 or 8, but it wasn't complete garbage. I hear a lot of good things about The World Ends With You too. Final Fantasy however...that's been on a downward spiral for a long long time now.

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Maybe my memory is going bad, but wasn't Andy Shwatz's big year two years ago?

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Yeah, over a month since I reported my account as compromised. Worst thing was the CSR didn't even think to lock the account >.<. So now I'm out $200 until MS gets their shit in gear. And I don't even own a 360...

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While the social features in DQ9 really paid out for them in Japan, I'm extremely skeptical about this direction. I could see it working as a Guild Wars type MMO, with towns as social hubs and instanced overworld/dungeons and still keep the DQ feel to it. Being on the Wii is disappointing, but only so far as it means I may be buying a Wii to play this. DQ has always gone where the largest install base was, so it only makes sense.

What really worries me is SquareEnix's track record with FFXIV, both gameplay wise and supporting / listening to their customers.