Meeting Microsoft And Sony to talk about Next-Gen - What would you like to know?

Hi Duders, I'm meeting Microsoft and Sony tomorrow for hands-on with the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4. Let's make them answer some very basic questions about their new consoles that we still wonder about. Questions are welcomed, I really want to get them talk about the stuff that they haven't been talking about a lot. What about Microsofts U-turn? What do they say to the people who wanted the original Xbox One?

Or what about them who'll buy a PlayStation 4 for free online-play and won't be able?

Just two examples - let me know if you have questions and I'll try to get them answered.

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Will it blend?

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Can you ask both companies how much money they make from selling our data to advertisers?

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It would be interesting to hear Sony's position on why they aren't allowing any MP3's or audio CD's on the PS4. That seems like a decision designed to force people into using their subscription-based music service, which is kind of gross. The only reason I can think of as to why they wouldn't support MP3's is that they didn't want to pay the licensing fee to do so.

Also, as one of the few people who don't use Facebook, I am interested if there are any plans to support uploading captured gameplay from the PS4 to any other services such as YouTube. They have said it's "coming later", but an estimate would be nice (I'm sure they won't talk about it though).

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One thing I've been wondering about lately (as I've been buying digital games on consoles) is if the new consoles will have an "owned games" list ala Steam, as with the current gen (as far as I know) it's sorta hard to look through your collection and see if there's some game you've forgotten about that you'd enjoy playing.

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What are their plans for E3 2014?

Does XONE support mp3s?

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I want more RPGs, any RPGs. I don't need a yes or no answer, just tell me if either of them are even a little interested in supporting that genre?

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I want to know if Albert Penello now is going to apologize for the huge COD difference like he promised to.

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Great! Keep 'em coming!

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Curious about warranties. I'm not too worried about overheating, but those would go a long way in gaining consumer confidence for a lot of people.

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how about their plans for their system's online market places like 2 years from now? managing DLCs? and revitalizing it when it starts to get too confusing? And how can they keep it open for third party for pricing games? And pricing updates? New business models like free 2 play and or early access to betas?

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@fruitcocoa: ask Sony about the plethora of features they touted at E3 which won't be available at launch and how they feel about launching a half finished product onto the mass market.

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I want to know why the Xbox One already appears to be lagging in terms of performance compared to the ps4.


Those are your questions?

Prepare for them to raise eyebrows and disregard you.