Posted by Fruitcocoa

Well, it's that time of year, I guess...

      Yes, it is snow! :(
Posted by Afroman269

Fuck, where you at?! It just started snowing here which made me pissed but it isn't at the point where the snow is collecting yet, so I still have some time left for happiness.

Posted by MaFoLu

Has been snowing all day here. I just hope they don't start delaying/cancelling trains in the morning...

Posted by Fruitcocoa

Sweden, but it is still way to early. Last year we only had snow for a couple of weeks in january. 

Posted by PoppaKyle

Oh man lucky! I wish it would finally snow here
Posted by melcene

I'm in Seattle... the last couple nights/mornings have been in the mid 30s, and we're supposed to get snow in the mountain passes tonight.  Guess that saves me from crossing the mountains to see the in-laws for Thanksgiving. 
Gotta admit, I'm kinda looking forward to snow in the lowlands too.

Posted by JJWeatherman

It's not snowing in Oregon yet, so I'm forced to look at that picture as I sip my cocoa.  :P

Posted by AhmadMetallic

here in israel it snows like once every 10 years and when it does, people act like jesus came back 
we crave snow, and when it blesses and honors us with its presence, an amazing state of peace and friendliness ensues 
but im sure i'd hate it if it came about every year

Posted by TheSeductiveMoose
@CarlSmith:  Where in Sweden are you? We've had snow up here in the northernmost parts for a while now, close to -25 degrees celsius this morning.
Posted by Vinny
Posted by JJOR64

I have a chance of getting snow later this week.  I live in Nebraska.

Posted by Fruitcocoa
@Vinny: Hahaaaa!!! Awesome! 
@TheSeductiveMoose: Örebro! :) 
Posted by Parabole
@Vinny: It's in my head now!
As much as I shiver in cold weather 50F? I really want to see snow. Never have!
Posted by Gamer_152

An amazing sight. I live in England and we rarely get snow like that, although there was some rather beautiful snow last year and the year before.

Posted by BunkerBuster

At least you get snow, in the California valley its still 70 degrees. It's BULLSHIT!

Posted by Dalai
@Vinny: That's the dumbest thing I've seen on the internet today... and I was on Omegle for about 45 minutes.
Posted by TaliciaDragonsong

I'm so jealous!
I freaking love snow!

Posted by MadeinFinland

Yeah, we had had snow here mid-October. Hasn't snowed since though. (Edmonton, Canada).

Posted by Bobby_The_Great
@CarlSmith I'm so jealous... I kid you not, here in Texas it was 79 degrees today...
Posted by MadeinFinland
@Dalai said:
" @Vinny: That's the dumbest thing I've seen on the internet today... and I was on Omegle for about 45 minutes. "
Hey, did anyone on Omegle start the conversation with '"Good day," I say' and then did every statement they say rhyme?  
Not that it was me of course *shifty eyes* just curious. 
Posted by Driadon
@MadeinFinland: Wait till next week. It's comin' and in droves. 
That picture has a "Alberta Winter" look to it that I've grown to loathe... but at least it means I can snowboard soon?
Posted by RetroIce4

I envy you. I want the snow.

Posted by RichardLOlson

Damn I wish it would start snowing where I'm at. (Indiana)....I love just sitting around in my shorts watching the snow fall and playing video games.  I love the holiday season, except for all the cheery people who fake being polite just to there items in the store and get the fuck out.  Although I do enjoy going to Black Friday, which reminds me, I gotta get ready for this years Black Friday.  I at least carry a stun gun on me, so I can get to the items faster before anyone else does.