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Let's hope that Nicos all inclusive spa offer to Bottas will pay off. Haha, fantastic conferenece!

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There are cats in the game now. CATS!

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Wow :/

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Reports about Bianchi getting worse coming from RMC Sport. Not good.

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Having seen crashed through the years I have to say that the back part of the car looks almost unreal. If the hit took off the entire upper part of the engine and destroyed the structure that keeps the driver safe if the car lands on its head - I can't imagine what the hit did to Jules. I really hope his alright!

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@lackingsaint said:

That'd be a pretty insane roundabout way of them making a Mass Effect movie, but sadly I don't think that's gonna be the case. More than likely the two are just approaching similar ideas of mankind discovering a way to "warp" through the galaxy and traverse great distances through space.

I guess you're right. But wouldn't it be so freaking awesome? :D

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Hey duders, if anyone have a guest pass for EU I'd be glad for it. My code was broken so I'm waiting for a new from the store.

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You've got to stick it in the microwave and put it on defrost for like 5 minutes


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Wow, thank you all for the answers. Really appreciate it!

The entire updating my device thing isn't that huge of a deal for me, to be honest. I kind of want to have a phone that I can look up my mail, read my favourite feeds and to have an awesome call experience. The "delayed" releases of updates doesn't affect that in any way, right? It's not like Chrome doesn't work with last years HTC?

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Since the iPhone 3G I've been exclusive to Apple with my phones. Never had a problem with any of my iPhones, which made me by next years model. A couple of weeks ago my iPhone decided to break. First, the screen cracked, in my pocket, without me doing anything. Then the battery died. So when I made my way to buy a new iPhone something came to my mind - I wanted something new.

I didn't buy a phone that day. Instead I spend my day on and various other sites trying to make my mind up about what I want to buy, although I kind of knew. I didn't wanted a Samsung, I heard some things about changes coming to LG:s Nexus series so I didn't wanted that, and Nokia was also out of the frame. So, HTC One, taddaa!

Being a HTC owner also means that for the first time ever I am lost in the jungle of Android and that's why I need your help. Tell me all I need to know about Android. I do have a couple of questions myself, but feel free to update me on other cool features that I sure don't know about.

Question 1 - Coming from iOS I'm used to a pretty easy update process whenever Apple are fixing something, how does this work when a billion Android phones are getting the same update?

Question 2 - I do have an iPad and iMesseges are showing up there. Will this be a problem when I do get my HTC up and running?