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@nardak: I've been primary a PC gamer for a long long time, but I find the Witcher games (at least 2 & 3) just work better with a controller for me. Combat is better with a controller and the inventory system... well... it's pretty clunky either way.

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Definitely PC. The only question for me is controller or KB+M?

Word has it combat is less janky than previous Witcher games, so I'll try KB first.

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I go back and forth. Currently using Chrome on Windows mostly because it uses integrated flash. I'd much rather have that little security nightmare running in a Chrome jail than installed separately on my PC. On the other hand, Google is probably slurping everything you do in Chrome into their databases, so... we're all doomed?

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Ranger. He's got a big ass arbalest and a feathered hat.

By no means one of the better classes in the game, but I think I'm going to stick with him for my first play through.

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@beforet: Fair enough. I'll add a link to the official forums. Reporting bugs there leads to them getting fixed.

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Haven't noticed that. The only bug of note I've run into is a problem with the cursor occasionally not sticking to the game window in multi-screen setups.

Really, though... it's probably time to retire the "Bugsidian" shit. Their last couple of releases have been fine.

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@cagliostro88: No worries. I think they just fixed the Steam counter, btw.

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The game unlocks at 9:00am PDT/16:00 UTC/17:00 CET tomorrow (March 26). Anything else you've heard is wrong.

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@frytup: @cagliostro88: That's really good to hear. I was overjoyed when I heard that shapeshifting was in, and to hear that it's more varied than usual is fantastic.

Obsidian making their own ruleset and setting was a great idea.

I am one of the people working on the games only current mod (The IE Mod)

I'm the guy who helped out with 1920x1200 testing. Don't give up on us 16:10ers!

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I've got the beta and, yes, the druid does crazy damage. The class is being tuned down a bit for release, but it will still be very powerful. More fun than wizard IMO.