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Ahh, yah. I had the wrong weapon.


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There's likely a ridiculously obvious answer to this that I'm missing... but how the hell do I upgrade weapons? I have an upgrade kit, but have no idea how to use it.

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Who buys boxed PC games at Gamestop? The last time I was in there, they had all of about 3 square inches of shelf space dedicated to PC.

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I hung up at 64% decryption for awhile, but it completed in 4-5 mins. Played through the tutorial level.

Music is great, cut scenes are nice, the titles sequence is really cool, voice acting is good. Gameplay is fluid.. took me a minute to get used to the cover system, but it's well designed.

BTW, people complaining about the graphics engine being mediocre are idiots. It looks great. (I have all settings maxed at 1680x1050.)

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I gave it a pass on Xbox because I thought it would be better with a mouse. At this point, I think I'll just give it a pass entirely.

Oh, well. Deus Ex comes out tomorrow anyway.

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We live in a world where Adam Sandler movies make bank. This can't be a surprise.

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I mostly do digital-only subscriptions these days, but I still get a couple of printed mags.

After moving a few times, I've learned to only keep things I actually need. Magazines go into the recycling bin as soon as I'm done reading them.

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I love BC2 and still play it a few times a week.

Try it in deathmatch mode. The maps are smaller and less sniper-friendly.

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According to the patch notes, "SECUROM copy protection has been removed entirely, making the game DRM free!"
Nice for those of us with a retail box copy.

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Being the dude in charge of Tokyo Electric Power two months ago.