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"I am not a crook."

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Yah, still playing and still enjoying it. My main is 40, and I'm fairly sure I'll cap him and maybe one of my alts.

Sure, there's nothing particularly innovative about TOR, but I realized I like having an easy game I can come home after work and dump a couple of mindless hours into. Kind of like watching TV, except better.

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@Rolyatkcinmai: Not unless you consider server queues a launch bug. And even those have taken a dive since the 22nd.

Windmill, meet OP. OP, meet windmill. Commence tilting.

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@jakob187 said:

BioWare has acknowledged issues when you are inside any indoor areas in terms of frame rate. Apparently, it's something about the shaders and shadows that is causing the problem. Turning off shadows can significantly increase performance issues.

You should also make sure that your video card drivers are updated to the latest version.

I assume you meant turning off shadows can increase performance, not increase performance issues. Worth a shot.

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@FunkyFox said:

I'm playing as Warrior (Marauder specifically).

Also 31 marauder. Assuming you keep your mods upgraded, DPS is very good. If I had a complaint, it would be that marauder spec is a bit too squishy. I had to abandon my DPS companion and go with the healer just to keep myself alive in PvE boss fights. Of course, you can always go tank spec if you want.

I've only played a jedi to level 2, but general consensus seems to be that sith warrior, sith inquisitor, and imperial agent have the best stories.

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No problems with server latency here, but there are definitely frame rate issues at certain points in the game. Mounting and dismounting from my speeder always causes a hiccup, FPS plummets when cruising around the fleet zone, etc.

I'm running an i7-870/8GB/HD 5870 at 1680x1050, so I would expect pretty smooth going.

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@Buzzkill: Are you sure they're debiting subs already? I put in my info several days ago, and so far they haven't charged anything beyond the initial $60.

Still, MMO convention or not I agree it's pretty damn silly to ask for money before the 30 days have expired.

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One month. I like the game, but I'm not convinced I'll still want to play after my main hits 50.

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According to Bioware, all who pre-ordered will get early access. Unless you forgot to register your early access code. In which case, do it now. It's looking like everyone will get access by Friday, but that's unofficial.

And, yes, everyone who pre-ordered is also supposed to get an email on the 16th with their retail code. This needs to be entered on or before the 20th.

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Fanboys no doubt, but come on. Freaking out because a beta is broken is a bit ridiculous. Some of those people need to relax.

We're talking about Blizzard. Evidence would suggest they do actually know how to run an online game.