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According to the patch notes, "SECUROM copy protection has been removed entirely, making the game DRM free!"
Nice for those of us with a retail box copy.

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Being the dude in charge of Tokyo Electric Power two months ago.

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@Twitchey said:
Waiting on your test results?
Medical tests or school tests? I'm guessing the former is potentially a lot more stressful than the latter.
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Good. It seems like they rushed DA2, and the result isn't spectacular.
Hopefully, this will give them time to finish out the series right.

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I got both a worgen and a goblin up to 13 just to see the new starting zones. Worgen is ok, goblin is pretty cool. Lots of fun flying stuff.
For 80+ types, there's a quest chain in Mt. Hyjal which finishes off having you a play a 3D version of Joust. F-ing hilarious.

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@tskunk:  The swastika was a very common symbol used by ancient cultures all over the world. The Nazis actually stole it from old Germanic/Nordic pagan iconography. Of course, some little asshole playing a video game isn't celebrating his pagan roots. He should be reported and, if possible, slapped upside head.
Wangs, however, are funny and should be laughed at or ignored. Also boobies.
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Is anyone else on the PC side losing stats? I gained two levels this morning and a bunch of points.. quit back to the main screen and SURPRISE!, it's all gone. 
Between this and the shitty server browser, I think I'm going to stop playing for a week or so and let them fix it.

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The SP campaign crashed on me twice, but MP works fine... except for the server browser, which isn't great.
I don't know how many people are still having "stuttering" problems, but that will probably depend on your system specs.

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I played about 10 mins of the SP before it crashed on me and I decided it was too damn silly to waste any more of my time.
Loving the MP, though. Runs fine on my Core i7-870/4GB/HD4870 with everything maxed. No stuttering.