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@ll_exile_ll: I think VC2 is actually set at a high school. VC1 doesn't have that though.

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Between the Wii and it's VC, I have enough options to play for games from Nintendo's core franchises. I'd need truly new experiences to make me buy a WiiU. Games with a strong story focus, a great JRPG, great exclusive indie games. Things of that ilk. Probably the only core Nintendo franchise I'd be interested in having another game of is Metroid - there are enough Zelda and Mario games I haven't played that I really don't care about new ones at the moment, unless they truly innovate (which is unfortunately quite unlikely).

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@cikame: Not every situation was resolved. I've heard dozens of small merchants complaining about not being able to get their money from PayPal for years. They're not quoted in this article because A. they're not related to crowdfunding which is the article's topic and B. if they were known enough to be a relevant source they wouldn't have a problem getting the public to pressure PayPal into getting their money back.

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Old Vita has OLED screen, new Vita has micro USB cable instead of proprietary for charging, LCD screen (which is very likely worse), thinner, lighter, 1 more hour of battery life, reworked shoulder buttons, reworked start/select/PS buttons.

Given they're the same price, it's pretty close. I'd give a slight edge to the new Vita thanks to the reworked buttons, but not nearly enough to sell your existing model.

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@stri26: Yep, Machinarium is due for this Tuesday. The following Monday will announce the next Vita titles, which will be released at the end of September.

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@grissefar: I'm definitely not buying a PS4 before inFamous comes out, so that's a big deal too.

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I have such a large backlog that I'm not really interested in the consoles quite yet. However, I also don't plan on buying any titles that are available on both this gen and next gen on current gen - I'll play them when I eventually buy a PS4. Right now, that's just Watch Dogs. I expect I'll buy a PS4 mid next year, unless I get a bonus at work or something.

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@stri26: The US actually updates PS+ differently. On the first Monday of each month they announce what's coming that month, but they update weekly. The last Tuesday of the month is a Vita title, the Tuesday before that is a Vita-compatible title (Vita, PSP, or Cross-Buy) and a PS3 title, and each other week is a PS3 title.

Also, if you do need to add the title to your download list via the Vita, you can just download and cancel it after it's started. When it's started to download, you're good. You should also pick up any PS3 titles as you'll be able to use them if you ever buy a PS3 (or if they're somehow supported on PS4, either via discounts on HD remakes or Gaikai).

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@soup_menu: I'm also occasionally getting the release notes in Chrome (which is set as my default browser). I've noticed that every time it happened I've immediately swiped to the right to get the menu as the app is being opened, so it might be a related race condition, but I'm just speculating.

EDIT: NVM, I'm getting it without the swiping as well. Seems to not happen when opening the app soon after closing it.