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Glen Beck is just a guy with an opinion, take him or leave him.  I'm not really a fan.  Charlie Sheen is just a guy with a long term drug issue.  I'm not really a fan of his either. 

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@gilsham: Yep, just put zork in the computer.   
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Has anyone tried doing what Jeff was saying on the latest happy hour?  When I setup the xbox to extend off my Win7 box, I get the audio but not video.  I'm working on it now, but if anyones made it happen i'd love to hear how.  
I just verified it works fine with the High quality videos, but not video just sound with the HD videos.

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I haven't' been able to stream videos for a few days, I'm downloading everything instead.  Today, the downloads are coming in at  almost 100k a sec steady, but I can do speed tests and my connection is fine.  It looks like it's being throttled, but if so, it's set way to low.

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Ok, I give.  I'll get the kindle already.

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 I don't know man, top hats and beards are prettty cool.  
Wish i could grow a righteous beard, and you could totally hide a weapon in a top hat.   I picture nun-chucks.  
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Lincoln Force would make a great game, DS would be better than PSP tho.  I picture clicking bears to attack.

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They charge $ 100 for a WiFi adapter and $ 120 for a hard drive, of course they're going to charge stupid amounts for the wonder cam.
P.S.  God Damn

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I haven't seen anywhere if it still has an IR sensor for remotes.  Anyone know?

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I'll do anything for quests / Achievements.  I wonder if its a condition, something I could be medicated for?

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