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Just got an email from GameStop urging me to preorder now for an exclusive MW3 prestige token, a limited edition double-sided poster, and dibs on all 4 waves of preorder bonuses.

The idea of pushing people to preorder a game several months in advance when we've hardly heard or seen anything about it aside, 4 waves of preorder bonuses? I've heard all the reasons behind their wanting to lock up your business as early as possible and pump up those initial sales figures but seriously, one wave is enough.

MW3 is crap, and that's coming from someone who loved Black Ops and bought the hardened edition of MW3. With that said, why the hell would I want a prestige token for a game I hate?

And whatever Game Stop will be announcing, I doubt that their deals will be worth it over Amazon offering up a 20 dollar credit, if Amazon does end up doing that.

MW3 and BLOPS are my fav cowadooty games. vOv

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4 GB.

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But what if I am stupid?

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fuck i love treyarch

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Man trick, you crazy, thinking I can read and shit.
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I already had the cheevo, dwi.

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Why use the word "whore" Patrick? Phh... misogynistic male privilege.

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jesus christ why can't this shit just die

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chucky ar la.

1. Its disgusting that you wrote that

2. You wrote it and miss spelled it you feckless armchair "republican", who most likely is too ignorant to know what it means or the MASSIVELY insulting connotations behind it

Did I hurt your feelings?

You are so edgy bro