two worlds 2 and games

Hey guy's whats up? It's been while since my last blog post, well heck my last blog post was last year in June. Over the time since I've been gone a lot of events and  hours at work and gaming has been going on. During those times on my day off  I also pick up some new games from last year and this year. So I'll try to wrap everything that i got from last year to this year.    

Let's start with the top picture then move down to the button. I got dark sector for $4.99, far cry 2 17.99 and operation flashpoint for 19.99 all from the same store game stop. I played both far cry and flashpoint on multiplayer and love it. couple of times on opersation flashpoint people tent to goof off or not heal anyone when their hurt. Far cry online is really fast people tent to scream over the microphone. I haven't touch far cry and dark sector single player campaign yet but i do plan in start it soon after i this other game done which will be announce later in this blog. I also got white knight for 19.99 in one of those sales buy 2 get one free at game stop. love the single player game, the cut scenes are pretty cool and my character reach lvl 10. I am at the part where they need to travel into the forest. The online game i found a lot of high lvl guys there that are around 30, I haven't seen anyone lower then that yet. So it gets kind of intimidating when joining up with them because you don't know what there going to do.

 dead space 2 collector edition and two worlds 2 I got it order online at game stop, came in the mail from UPS around 11 am and played both of the game ever since. Well I did take a break to eat and work but that's it. Dead space looks really nice, love the telekinesis that they added to the game. The commercials were right, the game actually made me jump a little at certain parts of the game. Right now I only in chapter 4 then I stop for that night to get some sleep. Two worlds 2, I had some high hopes with this game. The first one was really disappointing with its glitches and frame problems. But this sequel beats the first one completely. Don't get me wrong there are some hiccups and sometimes the NCP melt to the ground. but is really pretty, the story is kind of OK and the houses riding controls is much better then the first one. Don't take my word for it, you readers should at least give this game a try rent it.
 With the collector edition i also contain the plasma cutter gun. It's really small could fit two fingers at the trigger locations if your lucky. There are some movable parts like 3 of them. Oh also it lights up in green and blue colors when you put in double A batteries  in it. So far I think its OK could be little bigger and included batteries with the packages. So that's about wraps it up.  Since there is a lot of unboxing of dead space video up already, I'll post different video this one would be two worlds 2 unboxing. So until next time! see ya guys later


virtual E3 Sony booth on playstation home.

 Well I couldn't make it to LA to attend E3 this year, but i felt i was there when i was watching it on G4. Lot of good games and hardware got me excited this year, and the next. Metal gear solid rising looks so awesome, i can't wait to see more footages or at least a demo on it on Xbox live. What really got me excited about that game was the way you can go out and cut nearly everything in site. Another one was 3DS i wasn't really a DS hand held type of person but that game hardware looks awesome, but the game that i really want to try out is that kid Icarus and dragon quest. I would want to see the 3DS hand held and try it out at some store, maybe best buy? beside all the games and hardware that i mention or not mention, i do want to get back to the topic before i get carried away. I did see the Sony press conference today and once the president of Sony said you can check out the Sony booth on home i jump right on it. The booth looks pretty cool, amazingly a lot of people were on there also checking it out. the booth was pretty big and you can check out all the trailers from the games in the booth. I did see a couple of people wearing a E3 shirts there but i didn't even brother asking how they got them. anyways here is some pictures from the virtual E3 Sony booth. Also there is a video of me walking around the booth if you want to see that also.       






gamestop continues to consume my wallet.

As if i really needed more games to play right now , gamestop decided to be awesome retailer ever last week for having a a game sale. So Once i heard about this i couldn't resisted. So i headed over there last weekend and check out what games they had on sale, and this what i came out with...
saboteur(360)17.99-I am only a few chapters in the campaign. So far it reminds me a lot like GTA, the only differences is that you can climb buildings with a assassin creed style. I like the concept of the use of the color being part of the gaming experiences, the black and white showing depression and occupation. bright colors showing the revolution and faith of the citizens. It is a neat idea, and something different from the other sandbox games.  

Diablo 2 Battle chest(pc) 19.99- Man i haven't played this game for years. the only two reasons why i got this because i thought a game,with strategy guide, manual, and 4 day free warcraft was good deal for 19.99.  The other reason was because my old Diablo 2 dis broken so i had to throw it away. Right now my character is a level 23 necromancers, with a great sword that does 13-18 of damages something that.  he has a armor with a defense of 83 with spells that can rise four skeletons that dose melee.  I am just about in chapter 3 entering the village in the jungle, haven't done any of the mission today because i felt that it's time to take a break from the game a continue tomorrow. 
Ghostbusters (360)19.99- the video game for the 360- The disc is still in its case, haven't even gotten around to this game yet. But i hope to get to it this weekend, i heard some good things about the game so i decided to get it.

And the best part for last...pre orders. I pre ordered two games at gamestop today, they were lost planet 2 and red dead redemption. both of them i put down 5 dollars in my pre-order. I already know that i am getting the game, this is a good chance to save my copies before it was sold out in other stores.   So between saboteur , diablo 2 , splinter cell conviction, and just cause 2 i am all set until those pre- order games hit.  Goodbye free time, exercise and sunlight.      


games beaten in 2010 episode 2

Whats up! its been a long time since i have  blog here, between work and gaming it doesn't leave me any room to check whats up with all the gaming sites that i have been joining. But today since i have little more time before i check into work for the day, i decided to post a blog on what games i finish in the last 2 to 3 weeks. Disappointed with myself since i manages to only finish one game and it was battlefield bad company 2.

Battlefield bad company 2 360 date:cant remember

Bad Company 2: I can finally add this to my list of games that iv beaten this year, I thought the story  fell short in the single player campaign, i miss the sense of humor that the characters bring in the first on.  The second had a some funny dialog but not as memorizes at the first one did. The story just was really flat, not as interesting to keep me going, the only thing i was amazing with was the graphic of the environment in the game.  The mulitplayer mode was the most entertaining part of the game, lots of weapons upgrades. The only thing was the maps were kind of small for conquest. So i went to another mode which was squad death match which i enjoyed for these kind of maps. i already gotten most of the achievements, but i am going to back to get some more after i finish another game on the list or when i get some free time.

Beside finishing battlefield bad company, i have been playing a lot of final fantasy 13, the tutorial i found interesting. Not that bad as people said they were. So far I am only in chapter 4 not far into it but i am really enjoying the game so far.   As for right now i am waiting for splinter cell conviction to come out next week. Well that's about it, i guess I will  see you guys later.


midnight of gods at gamestop

Well i apologizes for my absent from the Gaint bomb website, i had a USB wireless malfunctioning problem on my computer which was preventing me from getting onto the internet. Tried to fix the problem by re stalling the disk into my computer, re and un plugging the adapter but the problem was still there. So i just got frustrated with the adapter and finally decided to just get a new one, so i got the d-link rangebooster  G 2.0 adapter and everything works just fine now. So yeah i am back! with that problem solve and explaining done with the readers out there, now i can get back to actually post. As you can see with the title''midnight launch of the gods at game stop'' the title already is self-explanatory, for all the people that don't get the title i went to the midnight launch at game stop. 
Well that night just got done with my shrift from work at 9:15pm, decided before i head over to game stop i will stop at burger king for that 1.00 deal for the whooper jr. After that small stop for some hot burgers, i took my burgers and drove over to game stop. I guess this is one those store that have people

showed up late around 11:00pm because basically no one was there, one three cars and two of them was the employees and one of them was like me waiting for midnight.  It was stranges because i went to another store at the downers Grove game stop for the mw2 midnight thing and people were already outside lined up waiting.  But this one people seem to show up at 11:00pm because i saw about 4 to 5 cars park at the parking lot and heading into the
store. About 11:40ish more people showed up and there was about 22 or more people in the store now waiting for midnight. i kind of which i brought my camera to show you the amount of people that was in the store but i forgot.  
Finally Midnight arrive got in line, i was like the forth or fifth person in line got my game and a free poster and headed home. open up the game and hung my poster at the office. That night  i got three or four trophies from the game because i had to get up early for work at morning. So that leaves me with 73 trophies and now i am at lvl 4. As of right now i am where the demo started to end, i am at the part where you actually rip one of the gods head off and use it to discover a door. but to discover the door you have to use the head high power beam of light.  So was my midnight launch how was yours?



games beaten in 2010

 What a great start of the new year! right? since my list of unbeaten games continues to amount to numbers to extreme, i decided to go back and beat them while i am waiting for other games to come out this year.  Some of the games that iv beaten on this list will be really old games and some will be new. So lets get this started!
killzone 2( completed jan 23  2:30am)  ps3

I brought this game one year ago at mirco center played it on the first day and only got up to the first three levels. Since then it's been sitting on my selves collecting dust but today i decided to play it .  It took me a while to get back in the groove with the awkward controls but after a while i got the hang of it, i started playing the game at 6pm and just finish it at 2:30am. It took me while because the last level was a bitch and hard but i finally beat it  and can scratch this game off the list of unbeaten games.
Army of two 40th day (completed jan 11 12:00am) 360

I enjoyed the original army of two and i thought what the hell i get it anyways, there shouldn't anything different from the sequel to the original right? well after my first play through of the game which took me about 2-3 days since i had work at the time. The game was still the same with its insane customization of the guns and over the top story. i will  put it out there the opening screen was the best part where all the buildings was being destroyed  was the best, but anyways the campaign was alright the only problem i had was it keep freezing  on me. That pretty much my problem with it. Right now i am on my second to third play throught with the game trying to get the gun pieces in the campaign i already got all the hello kitty statue all i need is that and couple of more. 
  While i was playing killzone i also got some trophies! check them out! 
 corinth ribbon - complete corinth river
blood ribbon-comlete blood meidian
visari ribbon- complete visari square 
survivor- complete all mission
palbearer-kill 500 helghast  soldiers 
killing spree- kill 5 helghast in 15 seconds
can opener-destroy a helghast apc
safety first-shoot  off 100 helmets
barrel of death-kill 3 helghast using enviroment
defensive fighter-kill 30 helghast with emplace weapon 
demonslayer-kill radec within 20 minutes 
maelstra ribbon- complete maststra
cruiser ribbon- complete cruiser level
my trophies were at 37 now at 50!

in the progress of beating: 
infamous(ps3): still on the second island, playing on good character. 
Assassin creed 2: eh..i forgot where i am at..all i know by looking at the achievements i am at memory 8 
waiting for games:
mass effect 2 (360)

midnight launch at gamestop for modern warfare 2

I got up around 12 in the afternoon still kind of buzz over the midnight launch at game stop and playing the game till 3 am in the morning, i jump out of bed and took a shower and eat some eggs and rice. While i was eating i gather my thoughts of what happen last night at the game stop and the things i saw, Since iv been to couple of game stop midnight launch it was just a couple of people there nothing to big to celebrate the big event. I was wrong, i just got off from work and arrive at game stop around 9:30 and already large amount people set up chairs.  I was amaze and haven't thought there weren't going to be this much people showing off, to top that off the red bull representative were giving out free red bull to all the people that were waiting in the cold. So i took like two cans of red bull talk to couple of people for a little while still surprise whats going on over here and then the manager at game stop brought out the display and tv's so people can first hand play modern warfare 2 outside while waiting till it hit midnight. This was the first time iv seen a game stop that this that would actually bring t.v's out so people can play the game. About 10ish to 11ish which i wasn't keeping track of the time at the moment because it was cold, the crowed started to get larger and people were getting in line, the line stretch from game stop all the way to old navy.  for people that are reading this here's how big the line was,game stop is in the middle of the shopping mall and the line was going right side of the store, so next door is payless then best buy then another burger king then finally old navy. get the picture? if not then sorry if i can't explain it better its my fault. So to save some time typing this it finally reach midnight and i am line, my spot was at the front door of payless which wasn't really that bad. They had six people working there last night two of them working the casher desk, they were pretty fast at it keep the line moving which was a good thing. I finally got into the store at 12:45am got out  at 12:55am with my prestige edition then quickly walked out to my car, got back home around 1:25ish because the traffic getting out of the outside shopping mall was crazy so it took some time.  When i got home i opened it the black box up put the plastic head together and put some 5aa battery's into my night vision goggles and walked around in the night with them until i bump into my dogs bed.  They actually work!!! i was surprise because i heard on the internet that they don't work or something like that. After that put it on the plasic soap head  and place on my computer and pop in the game. 
Play the game for two hours last night was getting little tired after drinking those free red bull cans, decided to finish the game off tomorrow and head to bed and here i am. My thoughts of the game? i thought the game was really good, was happy that the night vision goggles actually work. Might play some mp after this post on the blog or just go outside to jog. that about summaries what happen last night at the midnight launch at game stop, which was really fun and enjoy it. So to the people that read this, how was your midnight launch? and what store did you go?

dissidia and games

what i been playing over the last past days was final fantasy dissidia for the psp, its actually pretty good so far. I have  only played it a little bit about 6 hours or maybe more but it still holds its rpg reputation but with a little matrix type style along with it. It did follow the same direction of soul caliber with the leveling system in fighting game but that really didn't bug me that much, kind of wish they did something a little more different.  I only had a chance to play with only three characters campaigns which are different from each other which was cool, the only way you get new items is to win a battle to gain money or find a treasure chest.  Then use this money in the store to get weapons, armor and accessories. but still haven't gotten far enough to summon things..which i think may be later on or something not sure. But yeah that's the only  game that iv been playing, i know its usually two or three games that try to play at the same time but its just don't have the time anymore.  I also too a advantage of my two days off this labor day weekend to head over to game stop and pick up  a use lost odyssey! still haven't touch it yet because at that time i head to a family party and got back yet. also i want to beat batman AA first before i start on a new game. Well that was my was yours?

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