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well my is old i still have the gears of war 2 back around. i think its time to change it since that game is out and im getting kind of tired of it.

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this game doesn't really appeal to me at all, but im willing to give this game a try. ill rent it or borrow it from a friend that has it or something.

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yeah i would get them if they had achievements for them. like maybe the first fable game would be pretty cool i think.

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had mine about a 2 years now.

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maybe you can get dishwasher game.

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the godfather 2

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Hey blog heads! mike here but before i start on anything on this blog let me introduce myself to all the readers that might be reading this or that mistakenly stumble into this blog. My name is mike i am 24 years old and i live into Chicago, i am that typically Asian person that loves to play sports, eat food and watch movies with friends. I am attending college right now but have no major that i am going into, so i am basically taking first taste of all the majors that my colleges has to offer and going to choose which one that feels right to me. When i am not in school i am at work most of the time, i usually work 28-30 hours a week doing food. I decided to myself that i don't want to do this for the rest my life so i went back to school, work is just there to pay for my type of living style that iv plan for myself in the future.

Video games has always been a part of my life, since i was little kind i remember myself playing the regular Nintendo console games like Mario, street fighter,batman,and ninja turtles. Since then as i grew up my passion for video games has also got bigger and my collection, over the years i collection tons of video game consoles and video games like Sega,super Nintendo,n64,xbox,360 and the playstation 2 and 3, and its still growing pretty well as we speak! The current games that i am playing right now are too human, i like this game a lot, right now this is my second play thought in story mode my class is the berserk level 31. after i am don't playing that class i plan on playing exploring more of the other classes in the game, I have to agree with most of the gamer that posted on the site about the problems about this game should of been fix before release date but what can we do? other then that i might write my own review on this game in the future.

That's all i can say about myself but please leave a comment to let me know that you guys are there or if not i can tell how many people view this blog. thank you for visiting have a nice day!


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Iv already saw these pictures on my game informer mag and it looks great, but i would want to see a little bit of gameplay or something maybe a demo on the xbox market would be great.

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gametag fugie 7

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yeah i would like to see them do lost odyssey also