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I made a post previously in another board, but looks like this is better place to put it. Just a rename and delete request: Original Post Here

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Seems like a good idea to me. I don't personally remember much exclusive stuff besides maybe the basic free apps--there was some kind of Asteroids clone. A Google search turned up this, as an example.

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I added the game Europa Concept a while ago, it seems that a duplicate has appeared. Looking to get the duplicate removed.

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It looks like the system tracked me with a duplicate post for some reason.

Edit: fixed.

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I'm curious, why is Palm not a platform? I fondly remember playing Tradewinds on a Palm Pilot.

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I'm curious, why is Palm not a platform? The game I remember playing on a Palm Pilot was Tradewinds.

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Here's the list I promised. The following games should all have their default images set as the first image in their gallery:

Scorched 3D

Deimos Rising (there's been bugs in the upload process, could I get the dupe image here removed?)

Sumotori Dreams

Nanosaur II (the default image here should be set as the last one in the gallery, not the first)

Googolplex (the last image here isn't needed, could I get it removed?)

Samurai (the last image has a watermark and should be removed)

RaceRoom Racing Experience

Also, I think this is a more fitting default image for Battle Frogs:

Update: Additionally, Galaxian 30th Collection should have this image set as its default image; Guns'n'Glory with this, Danmaku Unlimited 2 with this, and Tradewinds with this.

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Hey mods,

I have a pretty long bucket list of games I need to change the default art for (see this thread). Wondering if I could just post them all here in an organized list, thanks.

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