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This might actually be my last post here.


-its a website, you can browse it-

Love the podcast, its why i'm here... and the hilarious video content.

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@Catolf: well now we half way agree. we can like whatever we want, which is what I originally said, but you got the justin beiber thing wrong.

As far as the hair style, its fine to me. Guys who have it don't really care what others guys think of it anyways ( unless you do of course).

If I have that hair and suddenly ladies are more interested in it then I would keep it. I don't think its stupid, just the person's name you are using with it. For the record I'm pretty sure he has had his hair cut for a while now so calling it a justin beiber hair cut is kinda late. ( and,as you know, a flame war starter.)

I don't like to troll or start flame wars on sites like this because I would like to believe that anybody who is into giant bomb is cool with me. I assume everybody hear listens to the bombcast and likes their humor, so I don't want to be a prick to those people. Regular-ass arguments are fine.

I just don't like hearing (or reading) people use justin beiber or lil wayne"s name in reference to something, especially in a VG forum on giant bomb. I do what I can to stay away from pop culture type stuff like that.

And again, its not that I fear change. Just call him a different name. Was it really that really that necessary to keep the name? I always felt it was to generate buzz by doing stuff that some people wouldn't like. If he was a new character I wouldn't have this argument with anyone, I just fear what they are gonna do with Vergil, unless that has already been shown.

That's all I really have left to say, I don't plan on getting this game anyways because I like old Dante better. But I wouldn't be suprised if you get a skin of it later by unlocking it or paying for it. I still wouldn't get it.


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@Catolf said:

@FulgoreSenpai said:

Saying that he didn't look that great to people that actually really like the way he looks is kinda pointless. Its more of an opinion so I can't say the he doesn't look cool to you but he does to me.

Not really. The whole point is that everyone need's perspective. Dante's design wasn't shat out by god. It's a very kinda terrible anime design.. also.. that justin beiber hair... ughhhhhhhhh.

see, that is your opinion that you don't like it. Totally fine. But I like how old Dante looks better. as far as our preferences go, NEITHER OF US ARE WRONG :)

But if you believe that everyone should think that Dante looks "very kinda terrible", then there is no use in trying to explain to you why freedom of choice is a thing.

And please stop mentioning that kids name though (its like how on top comments on YT have his name everywhere, so annoying), you act like he became famous before the DMC games came to be. Its like if I was complaining that the new Dante looks like a My Chemicle Romance coked up back-up singer or just some generic guy nowadays. Which I'm fine with but, to me, don't call him Dante.

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Saying that he didn't look that great to people that actually really like the way he looks is kinda pointless. Its more of an opinion so I can't say the he doesn't look cool to you but he does to me.

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@Hailinel: It has a video that gives the gist of the 1st 2 But If you like this one, coming from someone who played the previous two, you would regret not playing them first.

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As soon as I saw the picture I thought, " this looks just like heavy rain" and yeah.

Gonna lower my expectations as much as possible, not that I didn't like heavy rain but lets see how different this is.

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Yo, its like Unreal championship 2 but with less projectiles. GO PLAY THE DEMO!

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@benjaebe: quick reply! thanks for the info.

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Hi everybody...

anyways, do any of y'all know if I can get a PS3 cable with the pins on the end for monitors and what not. not sure what its called.

and where to get one, thanks

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Besides the stuff everybody else is listing, I got it for games that most people don't like but I do like Yakuza.

I also got it to import games like tales of Xillia. (and Gal Gun, like Jeff... just kiddin... but not really... maybe...)