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I seem to be having a bit of trouble and confusion trying to add a character to a game. I want to add the character Mitzi Hunt to the game page The Cat Lady. Except I am having trouble doing so. I go to the characters page and hit edit and search for the character. it asks if I want to make a new character but I can't seem to add a picture for the character portrait and I don't exactly know where to type the bio of the character either. If anyone could help me I would greatly appreciate it.

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Great game. Absolutely love it. Susan Ashworth and Mitzi Hunt are two of my new favorite game characters.

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@darji: Niko's personality was based more on how players did some missions. There were a few optional choices where Niko could kill someone he liked for money or spare them.

I played Niko as someone who was trying to atone and become a better overall person. For me Niko wasn't a bad person more so as someone who had to do bad things because those were the cards he was dealt.

The metacritic thing is reality but it needs to be stopped. People need to start writing letters saying how much BS it is for a developer to have their bonuses based on a metacritic score. Especially when it's missed by one number.

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@darji: Not every GTA protagonist is a bad guy though. Niko Bellic did some bad things but that didn't make him a bad guy. He was more forced into doing bad things because of the hand he was dealt. Same with Johnny Klebitz and Luis Lopez. They may have done bad things but that didn't make them bad guys. Niko felt guilty over what he had done and wanted to stop being a criminal but kept getting dragged back in due to other people. Sure, some of the protagonists in the GTSA franchise are bad like Claude and Tommy but at the same time not all the characters are pure sociopaths.

I'm not defending the review. I just think it is silly the way some people are acting because of it.

The whole Metacritic thing seems silly to me. Developers should not have their bonuses determined on how good the metacritic score is.

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@darji: To us it may not be bad writing but the person who reviewed may have seen it as bad writing. A lot of people tend to forget that at the heart of it a review is just someone's opinion on a game. What one reviewer may dislike another reviewer may like. The only review someone can truly trust is their own.

I don't even care that people dislike the review. It's the fact some people are getting really angry about it and that others are acting immature is what I don't understand. I know it's the internet but is it so much to ask that instead of flying off the handle that people instead just remain calm and discuss it in a civil manner? Many people have done just that and I applaud them for keeping their cool.

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@darji: I don't think it's ridiculous. Connecting and empathizing with a character is one of the things that really helps immerse me in a game. One of the reasons I loved GTA IV so much was because of Niko as a character.

Playing as a character that I dislike does break the immersion for me a bit. It isn't a deal breaker and I will still play the game.

Plus, its his opinion on the game. People don't have to like it but people getting angry and acting immature over it just seems like the wrong way to deal with it.

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I think it is pretty childish and immature that some people on the internet get angry because a game they like got a review that was less than a 9 or a 10. I have seen that some people have been losing their S**T because The Escapist gave GTA V 3.5 out of 5 which equals to about a 7.

If I made a game and it got a 3.5 out of 5 or a 7 out of 10. I would be quite happy. It means that my game is enjoyable and worth buying.

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Hopefully the PC version is optimized really well and isn't a shoddy port.

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Are the site quests still available?

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I want to play 999 and VLR. Need to buy a 3DS first though. Visual Novels are awesome. Especially Katawa Shoujo.