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Ive heard chess is a pretty good game

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i like this thread for its bold statements.

I regret keeping the cat I found underneath my porch. He's lost his novelty and all he does is vomit

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HAPPY HALLOWEEN and Thanks for the Steamcode!

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Brad Shoemaker breaks llama promises, which are the worst promises to break ever.

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The bloodseeker being able to break 522 could be really fun.

When does this come out?

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gameloft cranks out consistent AAA titls. i dnt kno wat u tlkn bout.

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what if bears weren't large and dangerous creatures, but instead big and furry gateways to mauls-ville?

This is flowery talk saying nothing.

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This man speaks the truth.

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Yeah, I've already called 1-800 4my xbox and complained about the Ps4 being far superior to the Xbawksone in every single feasible way. She was so blown away that she didn't even know what to say, I totally showed microsoft.