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Stream is live guys, TLO vs MorroW right now - Enjoy! 

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Quarter-Finals will take place exactly 7  hours from the time of this post; 
09:30 CET 
03:30 EDT 
00:30 PDT 
08:30 BST 
Should be some awesome games!  
Also higher quality stream at

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For zerg, the "easiest" way to manage your hatcheries and queens that I could think of is to put all of your queens on 0. Use backspace to cycle through your hatcheries one at a time, pressing 0-V each time to select your queens and inject larva.  
So, essentially; Backspace - 0 - V - Click Hatch - Backspace - 0 - V - Click hatch, etc.  
If you have a bunch of queens on one key and inject, the nearest queen with 25+ energy will inject larva on that hatch. 

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1- Nexus 
2/3/4- Units 
5- Scout Probe/Observer 
6- Robo/Stargate etc.  
Using 1 for Nexus/CC makes perfect sense to me. It's so much easier to hit 2/3/4 and then other keys for unit commands than it is to use 1.  For me as a protoss player it's not an issue with my nexus and other structure keys being far away from each other since most of the time you'll just be using W for warpgates. 
Typically put main army on 2, and units that require more micro (colossus/HT's etc) on 3 or 4.  
I'm kind of surprised how many people actually put their army on 1 since to me it seems so awkward, and I have really small hands ;o

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@Ygg said:
" Are those web based achievement profiles what GiantBomb needed to get the ball rolling on SC2 achieves to start showing up on this site? "
Hopefully not, cause those profiles have existed since before the game launched... ;)
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Might as well throw my hat in - funcmode.815 
By the way, you can find your unique ID number by just mousing over your profile picture on the SC2 main menu. Far easier than opening the friends list, etc =)

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@Ryax said:
" blizzard is so great. but they really need to some how seperate the good players from the shitty players. i get my ass handed to me every time "
This is just because the game is new, after a few weeks as people play more and more the matchmaking and division system will really kick in and you should be matched against people that are closer to your level of ability.  
In regards to feature requests; personally I think the custom map system needs the most work right now. The biggest problems are users can only upload 5 maps at once and only to the region their account is associated with. If you're map isn't on the (incredibly small) list of popular maps the only way to find it is to search for the name - so any new maps coming out are basically impossible to find without any prior knowledge of its existence from looking at a website or something. Whole thing needs a total overhaul if you ask me...
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I'm under the impression this E3 is going to suck hard cause everyone's focus will be their shitty new motion controls. 

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took CS very competitively back before source came out and ruined the whole scene.  
now I'm taking it to SC2 :>

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@yani said:
"  @jadeskye:  They have something like that in the HMV(I think it was anyway) in Manchester.  Went in there to browse and they have this section of pc/360/ps3 stations at the back and charge by the hour.  Thought it was a bit weird but it seemed fairly busy, not sure if its still there though. "
Yeah it's still there - quite popular as well. Best place to go in Manchester for decent street fighter tournaments!  
It's a bit overpriced if you ask me though, as far as just going casually to play a game by yourself or what ever.