Giant Bomb is for Polls

Why bother posting comments and random shit when it's most likely ignored by almost everyone? The standard web-forum layout is antiquated. Formatting like Reddit's is how it should be done; allowing for not only the good comments to rise to the top, but allowing users to sort the comments how they wish.

I've just been making polls on Giant Bomb lately. Can't make polls on Reddit, so I make polls here. Plus, the mods are fun to poke and prod.



Guys! After four days my mouth is completely healed and back to normal functionality again. I appreciate all the words of encouragement you gave me, and couldn't have done it without you and Jesus.


I ate a bunch of Warheads and now my mouth is destroyed

No seriously. My tongue has lost all taste and is incredibly sore. The roof of my mouth feels like I took a nap with a scolding hot piece of cheese resting on it. The insides of my cheeks are horribly tender and for awhile chunks of blue-colored flesh were peeling off them.

How did we eat these things as a kid? Did we just not care? I can't imagine it was this bad, with how many I used to eat all the time. Now, a day and a half later, it's incredibly painful to even eat some soft bread. It's like someone beat up the inside of my mouth. I need some aftercare, Warheads.

For reals, bro, you best be playin' safe if you fi'in' ta suck some 'Heads.


Game of the Year 2011

Frozen fucking Synapse. It's a modern-day Chess. I'm thinking of even seeing if my dad will try it out, which would be his first game since Tetris on the Nintendo. I also pretty much only played Skyrim as far as 2011 releases go. Didn't finish Portal 2 for some reason.

Play some Synapse with me. Name is FunExplosions; region is UK 1.



I was gonna post this in Ahmad's thread about piracy, but then I realized nothing good would come of it. By that, I mean replies from people who for all I know are ten years old and don't know shit about shit. So I'm posting it here.

On behalf of all good-hearted pirates everywhere: don't let this kid be our spokesperson. I pirate when there's no alternatives in obtaining old games/movies/etc. I pirate when the corporation behind the product is just as much scum as I am. I pirate when I'm not sure if a game will run well on my computer. Right now I pirate because I can't afford shit; I have a text file on my desktop with all the things I've pirated because I'm poor; when I get money I'll either buy the product or send money to who deserves it. I never pirate from indie developers, as I am comparably taking more from them than I am from the bigger names. I pirate programs I need for college such as Autodesk Maya, because their prices are ridiculous, and because they don't get their money from people like me, they get it from schools and businesses around the world who don't do any research and just assume all the free alternatives are kid's toys, and so they buy it in bulk. It's even crazier when you see how unglodly poor my college is.
In regards to pirating full games that are downloadable: it is theft and despicable and if no plans are made to pay for or later purchase the product, then you deserve punishment. But, it's not as bad as stealing a physical copy from a store. In the store, you are also stealing a disk, a manual, a case, and possibly more than that, all of which will cause a hit to not only the maker's sales, but to the sales of the store; not to mention the cost that goes into producing the physical products.
A big factor is that -- like anything -- it's not a black and white issue. Most pirates are big piles of nutty shit, probably, but to lump them all together and brand them as evil the moment they utter the word "pirate" makes you just as bad as you think they are.
For the record, I never feel good about pirating. If I had a job I would pirate almost nothing, and if I had a decent job I would pirate nothing at all. Well, except Maya, because that three-and-a-half thousand dollar product isn't worth two year's financial aid.