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I have 200 followers now.

Please leave your best wishes below.

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I have 631. I win.

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This reminds me of Gamespot OT post milestone threads.

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I have 36

Edit: make that 37.

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I thought I was following you and I was going to unfollow you to make this funny but I haven't so I'm following you now.

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First three posts in succession are legendary. And you know what? You now have 199 followers.

A fun explosion.
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@Video_Game_King said:

I have 631. I win.

<--1237 on CV ;)

@FunExplosions: Seems you're now at 200 again :)

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Hell yeah!

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I have about 117

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Eh, not sure.

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cool beans......

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Been there done that, but congrats.

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You had better watch your back, though. I've got 17% of your new total!

(But seriously, congrats! You have a lot of influence around the site now, be careful with your new power!)

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174 fool, I'ma usurp yo ass soon!

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Does my Anime Vice followers count? If so, I have 3,673 followers.

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I remember being stoked to have 25. I have no idea when I got to 291.

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I have nothing interesting to say, and my number of followers reflect that statement. :(