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Playing on Novice 

Why have I never heard anyone call this game hard, yet Demon's Souls has the reputation it does? Stalker is multitudes more difficult. 
Oh, and I've said it before, and I'll say it again. This game is the true Fallout 3. The setting is slightly skewed, but it's still a far better fit. 



Full Review is Up

Actually, this is a news story. Champions Online is now free-to-play, but you can't play it. Who could have foreseen this heavy traffic? Everyone who's ever witnessed the opening of any major event in any MMO ever, besides WoW. 
1/5 chubaccas. 
Finally started doing stuff. Got my old Raziel back. Upset by the game forcing me to choose a basic class instead of my freeform one. Here's what that looks like. 

I'm on the left. I recently fixed it up to fix his crotch pants. Then I deleted him. And I made my character first, so mines way better automatically. 
Then I made this guy 


But he was too lame. 
So now I have this guy 


He's cool because he can do really neat poses. He's brawler because he looks real tough and real tough guys are brawlers. 




Game now gets a 3/5 for letting me create an almost perfect likeness of myself. I spent about 4 hours creating this guy, so I'm gonna go play some more with him and then finish this review up. 4/5. 
Full review: 3.5/10  
3 points for character creation. 
.5 points for art and gameplay. 
Full review coming soon stay tuned.

Adventures With my Roommate Part 2

Roommates threatened at gunpoint by one of ghetto roommate's many girlfriends. This apparently happened when I slept. Cops were called. When they got home 4:30 they promptly woke me up laughing uncontrollably loud and shouting across the apartment. 
I wish I was that girl. I wish I pulled the damn trigger. 
Oh, and my hair's falling out.


Adventures With my Roommate Part 1

I'm just gonna keep these up as a means of recording all the messed up shit my roommate does. I want to remember these stories so that this horrible contract wasn't 
made entirely in vain. 
Dude was fucking some girl on the floor of the living room at 10am. I made eggs and ate them at the table, while facing them. They pretended to be still. He later left, and when I came back the whole house smelled like dirty sex, leaning more towards dick than the not-too-unpleasant smell of a woman. 
Whereas I managed to clean my plate as soon as I finished eating, I was greeted upon my returning with a table full of dishes and every pot in the house laying dirty in the sink. Oh, and there was a magnum condom on the table. I held it up to myself... they actually aren't much bigger than the normals, at least in width. Did I mention my roommate is black? 


Lost Another One

They go. Sometimes in groups. Sometimes alone. They fade away without notice - without a word. Maybe it's better that way. Maybe I wasn't supposed to know. 


I'm Playing Baldur's Gate. Part 1

Wanna tag along? I'll be posting short videos as I make progress. Nothing fancy, just playing the game. 
First and foremost: Thanks to Hamst3r for turning me onto Vimeo. So much better than Youtube.

In this episode: I Create my Character!

I also find out that I sound like Brad/Rorie. I am annoyed by this. Will try to fix in later videos.

I walk around Candlekeep doing nothing in particular

*Something's wrong with this one. When the audio gets quiet near the end, that's because music was supposed to play. Don't know why it didn't. 

*Constructive criticism is much appreciated* Seriously. Tell me I sound like a girl, tell me the audio sucks, tell me I'm playing wrong, make me cry. I want this to be as enjoyable as it can be.

Whiskey Media's Official Minecraft Server

Server status: [Online]


Server is brand new again! Again! And again!


  • Must be 18 or older.
  • Must be a member of Giant Bomb. Must have been a member for more than a month. Don't tell your cousin's nephew about the server; I won't add him. Ask me, and maybe I'll make an exception. They still need to be 18 or older.
  • Don't touch other people's things unless given permission by them.
  • Do not build view-destroying sky castles or sky bridges.[1]
  • Don't pour lava from high places, it's ugly and difficult to manage. Don't build your name out of blocks. Don't build a giant stickman taking a piss. Don't build something really out-of-character near or in someone's themed town.[2]
  • Do not attempt to deconstruct others' works if you feel they have broken the rules. Tell me, then I'll look into it.
  • Do not pester or bully new users.
  • Do not burn trees down. Fire spreads.
  • If you leave the server for over a month and have a project that is unfinished and that blocks usable space, then it will be taken down, unless a sign is erected saying when you will be back.
  • Minecart tracks are to be built at least 15 blocks underground, so as to not disrupt the view or clutter up possible building space (kinda like the real world), unless your project makes more sense above ground. Ask if you're unsure.
  • Portals do indeed work, and they take you to the Nether, but please refrain form building too many. There are a couple set up in each major city, but too many and things will get out of control.
  • Have common sense.

If you're wondering why there's a rule against this, it comes from me playing the game awhile. Basically: every new user wants to create a floating city, or a railway, or an air-bridge, or a floating castle. In moderation, they could be great (and yours could be one of the good ones), but in reality, every single person has given up on them, in the process creating a really generic hunk of view-destroying rock. It's basically just me trying to keep the server looking nice.
This may seem confusing at first. Basically, you can build wherever you want, as long as there's room, and as long as you don't disturb anyone's stuff. If you're unsure about building something somewhere, just ask around.

How to Get in

  • Read the rules above. Private message me questions if you have them.
  • I'd prefer a private message, but you could just comment here and request to be whitelisted. Make sure you tell me your Minecraft name!
  • Put into the "Multiplayer" section from Minecraft's main menu; put whatever you want for the name of the server.

Up close on a familiar image:

Built entirely by YoctoYotta

For the May 8th world map, click here!

Credit goes to tompsweeney (Massif on the forums) for using his programming wizardry to render this beast.

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