"This is a harbinger of things to come," Earth 2, the Reckoning

There's a floating object in an astronomically close proximity to the Earth. This object is three times larger than the Earth, but maintains a perfect orbiting distance from its sun, and is just old enough that it likely holds water. Water, wherever else its been found (Earth), is always accompanied by life. Cool thing about it? Its orbit around its sun is directly comparable to Luna's (Earth's moon) orbit around the Earth, meaning that it always faces its sun with the same point, therefore eliminating the day/night cycle. Light or Darkness can be eternal in the Gliese system, and it's all up to you! 

It's 20 light years away. That is extremely close, all things considered, but still not a distance feasible by any man-made craft - present or future. With this discovery, though, astronomers believe it is now far more likely for them to find more planets just like Gliese.
Photo taken by Gliese astronaut:


Have You Shit Your Pants Yet, Today? Click here to shit pants.

I'm sure you've all thought about manhacks, those terrifying red-eyed razor-blade drones from Half-Life 2. Maybe you thought about how awesome their design was, or how useful their real-life implementation could be. Well, guess what? They exist now! 
Some fine gentlemen at the GRASP Lab, at the University of Pennsylvania have created the "Aggressive Quadrotor," an autonomous (yeah - hands free, not remote controlled) flying nightmare, that somehow gives off a sound more ominous than the Half-Life manhacks. Basically, these guys tell the thing the general path that they want it to follow, and then it tackles any obstacle in the way to get there. Throw a hula-hoop at it? It will literally time itself so that it can pass through the ring without bumping the edge. 

"Wait! I don't wanna waste the battery! I wanna throw it from the front-lines into a house full of terrorists!" 
Well, sure thing. You can kick this thing like a soccer-ball, and - just like the manhack - will adjust itself mid-air to full stability. 
But hey, I'm not one to tease people about such things, so here's a video of it getting ready to fly through some warehouse windows and cut up some rebels: 

Like that sound? It's like a swarm of bees, except it's man-made and has the potential to cut your fingers off. Don't really know what the practical uses of this are yet, but I'm sure the military will give these guys a call within the week. I'm just happy we're the combine. The resistance doesn't stand a chance.

Dear West Los Angeles

"Build Up"

Short daily commutes 
Preserves horizontal space 
Hobos can't climb stairs 

"The City Built on Stupidity"


Get public transit 
It's worth it in the long run 
Traffic isn't cool

Thank you, 
leave your money in the hat. My cat needs a new shirt.

Shimmy Shimmy Cocoa Bop, Shimmy Shimmy Bop(Ahh)

My first video coming two weeks from now. Sorry for the delay, but my parents need to send me my PS3, and... they haven't yet.
Check out my previous blog entry if you don't know what I'm talking about. Er... the "I Complete Your Challenge" Blog, not the last few.

 "No interest eh? I can tell you're not going to last long here..."


Dealing With Bad Roommates. When is the Breaking Point?

Here's the housing situation: 2 people live here now. It will be 4 total, but the third isn't moving in for a couple days, and the fourth isn't moving in until the 20-something. It's 2-bedroom, 2 bath. I live in the smaller bedroom, and my current roommate lives in the master bedroom. His bedroom also has its own hallway, two closets, a desk with a giant mirror, and its own bathroom. Mine is just a small little room. "My" bathroom is separate.

Here's the straw breaking the camel's back: My new roommate recently brought over a friend of his. While I was sleeping, his friend took my $450 dollar bike and moved it out on the patio so he could have more room. The patio is open, and it's essentially outside. There is a gate that locks itself if it gets anywhere near shut. Somehow, this idiot managed to leave it wide open. As soon as I saw this shit, I confronted him. I basically told him that if he ever does something disrespectful again, then there's gonna be some serious problems, and that he wouldn't be allowed back to my apartment. Keep in mind, this is my roommate's friend I'm talking about, not my roommate. Also keep in mind that I have had things stolen from me in the past, and that this part of West Los Angeles isn't exactly safe.
The kid basically just stood there, with about five miles of pride clouding his line of sight to me. He couldn't understand why I was angry. He said if I don't calm down that he's gonna have to fight me. I played it cool, still very-much yelling, and said that I'm not fighting anyone because that's not how people solve things. Really, though, this kid is about half a foot taller than me and about 80 pounds heavier (I'm 5'9" 130 lbs). I forced him to say he wouldn't do this again, with him saying "yes," and then I left the room. He never said sorry, and likely never will. He, along with my roommate, are two of the most disrespectful, hubris-heavy, ignorant, messy, and unreasonable people I've ever met. I just don't know what to do.
Okay, so there's that scenario. That just happened today, and I'm still worked up about it. But the whole past two weeks have just been filled with my roommate pissing me off.

Things my roommate has done in the first two weeks of our lease: 
  • Be a god damn scumbag. He sits on the couch all day playing PS2 with his shirt off, talking on his phone as loudly as possible, and ignoring any attempted conversation with him.
  • Never taken out the trash. I've taken it out... I don't know... 10 times? I left it on the kitchen floor for a whole day to see if the flies and smell would encourage him. But nope, I took it out again.
  • I had to set up our internet, our electricity, our gas, and our water, otherwise it would have never gotten done. All the while, my roommate was
  • I personally walked around the apartment with my landlord, having him fix various broken things, two of them being in my roommate's room.
  • I had to re-format my laptop earlier today because my roommate, while "checking his email" on it, got some ridiculous spyware for me.
  • I put my brand-new headphones down on the couch by me for about 10 seconds, because my roommate wanted to talk to me. Within this time, he manage to sit directly on top of them, right when I was looking away. They didn't break... but again... no respect for my stuff. And we all know how delicate head phones can be.
  • Keeps using my bathroom to take a piss. Yeah... I know it's closer for him. But if he gets the ridiculously bigger master bedroom, then he should stick to that and not touch mine.
  • Really nosy. He keeps coming right up to me, right behind my shoulder, to watch me play video games on my laptop. And he stays there! I hate that so, mother, fucking, much.
  • Oh, yeah. The worst of all. He's a god damn bigot. He doesn't know it, and would defend his innocence to the grave, but he is in-fact a complete racist. All he does all day, while he's 
    is perpetuate his own race's (Black) stereotypes, while making fun of White and Asian people. I don't know how many times he's made fun of me behind my back for being a "little white boy."
The only hope I have is that he's a pretty skinny kid, himself, and... although he claims to be 6'2"... is only about an inch taller than me. This means he doesn't carry the troublesome thought in the back of his head that he could take me in a fight. He is also much more civil when talking to me face-to-face, and is almost likable. But the problem lies in all of these horrible, horrible habits he has. There's just too many to address. I would be starting way too much shit if I called him out on every single one. For now, I'm just waiting for the other two roommates to settle in, as they're more like me, and will hopefully help me control him.
What I want from you guys is your advice. I'm about to hurt something, break something, or ... I don't know. All I know is that every second of the day I'm thinking about how much he pisses me off. It's stressing me out to no end, and the last time I was really stressed out, I got Shingles (you're only supposed to get Shingles if you're 50 years-old+). Besides, I'm starting school soon, and I can't study with this shit going on. I might seriously have to sub-lease. I would feel horrible for the other roommates if I just left them, though. So please, people, tell me of your horrible roommate stories. Tell me how you overcame them. Or just tell me I'm being a baby.