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@turambar: Skill and glitches are definitely not mutually exclusive. The two most popular games for speedrunning are probably OoT and Super Mario 64. Both of them require incredible skill, using techniques intended, and techniques not intended. The whole point of speedrunning is competition, if a game could be beaten in 5 minutes by an easy to pull off glitch, no one would bother.

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@posh said:

but trucker's atlas!!

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Could not agree more, although I'd still give Spin Doctors the edge for number one.

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@mordeaniischaos: DA2 is the very epitome of a rushed game. That kind of pressure comes from the publisher. I agree with ME3's flaws being Bioware's fault though.

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@alibson said:

@Carousel said:


Patrick is showing obvious hypocrisy and you STILL defend him.

I'd think you of all people would be up in arms about this.

And dismissing Neon25's post as "men's rights garbage"?!

You must have no empathy in you if you're not at all outraged about what happened to those people, especially the little boy.

Patrick's fan club is like a religion now.

It's the easy way to feel morally superior right now on GB. Anyone that dislike Klepek's content is a troll, terrible human being, and most likely misogynistic. If you criticize any facet of his work, you're just as bad as the fuckwit who said he was glad his father died. That's the real reason the comments have turned into a warzone on everything he posts.

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@marcusofadown: We're commenting because we love the site, and are dismayed that this particular bullshit story has now been a featured article TWICE. When Anita Sarkeesian is getting death threats, or women inside the industry want to comment on the sexism they face, then yes it is a valid article and subject to talk about. But Klepek doesn't offer that, his articles are pure Kotaku-shit from which he can claim moral superiority without offering any sort of thoughtful discourse on it.

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@flamingeyebrows: I hope not, I'm of the opinion that the statue was gross, and that it should have been pulled. This was SUCH a minor issue, but when the media, in any industry, gets hold of a subject they know will generate controversy, they continue to run it into the ground. Which is fine when it's contained to NEOgaf or Kotaku, but I don't want this shit on GB. The only reason they post this crap is so Klepek can say "well my articles generate 1000+ comments and *insert number here* pageviews".

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Hits me right in the childhood.

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@Turambar In this case however these comments validate what a lot of people felt about the D3 developers. Arrogant and blind to the faults of their game, and now you can add petulant.
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To echo the sentiments that everyone else has already posted, I like Patrick's written work, however I do not find him funny or entertaining on the Bombcast and most quick looks. He took a lot of unwarranted personal attacks when he first joined and that's continued, but that's the shit you're going to see on the internet, reprehensible as some of them might be, it's just what happens. What's more annoying to me is the BOMBCREW DEFENSE SQUAD which immediately shits bricks the moment anyone posts criticism of Patrick of any other GB figure. I pay $50 a year to support these guys, I enjoy the work they do, and I have opinions on the content they produce. The butthurt that gets demonstrated by both "OMG PATRICKS ON THIS QUICK LOOK NOT WATCHING" and the "PATRICK IS GODS GIFT TO ERFFF FUCK OFF H8ERS" groups is embarrassing to say the least.

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@usgrovers said:

@Fungiefips said:

@Rattle618 said:

Im not the first to say this but I´ll say it anyways: Inferno is not supposed to be easy, you should not be able to just breeze through it as you do with the rest of the game.

The auction house is there as a shortcut for the people that are not willing to put the time and effort.

Do not get me wrong, real money transactions on a retail product are disgusting IMO, but you can skip all that stuff (just be prepared to be stuck farming for a long time).

The issue that seems to be the most aggravating is that Blizzard is actively pushing people towards the RMAH. I almost exclusively play solo, and never intended to use the AH, but with the drop rates of higher level items being nerfed so significantly, (12% less chance for iLvl 63 items I believe) and the increasingly prohibitive repair costs that come with farming, I've found myself between a rock and a hard place. A single-player ARPG should not be balanced like an MMO, and the RMAH introduces the fear of ulterior motives with every balance patch.

MMOs have "better" balance, imo. If I want specific gear in WoW, I know what boss drops it in what dungeon, so I know it's a matter of a few kills before I get geared. With random and rare drop rates in D3, the AH is really the only reliable way to gear up, and the RMAH will all but guarantee that the "best" gear won't be sold for in game gold, because the temptation to make some cash will be to great if you get that legendary drop.

Agreed. To further clarify what I mean by comparing the philosophies of balancing an ARPG to an MMO, is that in an MMO, classes and specs other than my own have an impact on my own game experience. Disregarding the obvious need to balance around PvP, in an MMO situation, if I'm playing a dps class that offers no special utility outside of damage, and my numbers are significantly lower than other classes, there is no reason for me to be included in a raid or so forth. With this latest patch, Blizzard nerfed a stat that affects certain classes far more than others, in an attempt to level the playing field, and slow down progression through a difficulty level that Blizzard admitted they barely tested. Why is that? Why would the fact that my DH and WD friends were able to farm slightly easier than me on my Barb, cause Blizzard to reduce their potential, instead of either buffing mine, or leave well enough alone. Again, it seems like a blatant push towards having more and more people decide to purchase their way past roadblocks.

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