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@Rattle618 said:

Im not the first to say this but I´ll say it anyways: Inferno is not supposed to be easy, you should not be able to just breeze through it as you do with the rest of the game.

The auction house is there as a shortcut for the people that are not willing to put the time and effort.

Do not get me wrong, real money transactions on a retail product are disgusting IMO, but you can skip all that stuff (just be prepared to be stuck farming for a long time).

The issue that seems to be the most aggravating is that Blizzard is actively pushing people towards the RMAH. I almost exclusively play solo, and never intended to use the AH, but with the drop rates of higher level items being nerfed so significantly, (12% less chance for iLvl 63 items I believe) and the increasingly prohibitive repair costs that come with farming, I've found myself between a rock and a hard place. A single-player ARPG should not be balanced like an MMO, and the RMAH introduces the fear of ulterior motives with every balance patch.

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@bunnymud said:

Oh sells. As if these girls don't know what they are doing. HEY! What if...follow me on this one...we all stick our pinkeys out when we drink our tea at the next E3? Never go to a car may catch a case of the vapors and faint and thus lose your top hat.

You are completely off-base with this. Patrick's not arguing that these women are being exploited against their will, rather that the presence of scantily-clad bimbos who have no knowledge of the products that are being marketed is tasteless and needs to be done away with. And I haven't been to a car show in a few years, but I can't for the life of me remember a major manufacturer having anyone like booth babes at their major showcases. Sure they hire attractive women to be presenters, but they at least have memorized all the talking points and are dressed appropriately for the situation.

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@smitty86 said:

@BraveToaster said:

Little to no activity in the forum of two games doesn't mean the site is very unactive.

Whoa whoa whoa. You do know we are talking about Diabolical Pitch here right? There is NO better litheness test for a site than that.......

I believe you mean "litmus" test.
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@bombsta: End of line.
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I truly don't understand how Sony's positioning this thing. Mediocre at everything, and a terrible launch list.

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Nope not at all.

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@village182 said:

Couldn't you just Torrent Trackmania 2 and once downloaded sign in with your legit account?

I ended up having to do this as well, tried to download it from maniaplanet several times, only to give up and resort to downloading some cracked Russian version. About as much as I expect from Nadeo tbh.

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