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#1 Posted by funk_oddysey (52 posts) -

This would only be allowed on a Nintendo Platform due to the developer Flagship being a second party to Nintendo.

#2 Posted by funk_oddysey (52 posts) -

Best gaming news I've heard all year & I only played the Longest Journey and Dreamfall last year.

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This is really sad to read, hope these guys can find the appropriate employment elsewhere as the bizarre studios guys did.

#4 Posted by funk_oddysey (52 posts) -

Bioware's making the next Flatout? :D

#5 Posted by funk_oddysey (52 posts) -

As expected its the album my username was based off.

#6 Posted by funk_oddysey (52 posts) -

Left 4 Dead: 418 hours 
Left 4 Dead 2: 847 hours
Team Fortress 2: 100+ hours 
Considering the amount of times I've played Resident evil 4 (about 8) plus the mercenaires with S rankings would end up being around 100 hours.

#7 Posted by funk_oddysey (52 posts) -

The final boss battles were tedious, luckily I had two infinite ammo weapons, I really despise the stairway run, button mashing makes my fingers fall off....

#8 Posted by funk_oddysey (52 posts) -

In general im fine with Quick Time Events, the variety to the gameplay and interactive cut scenes are quite good though in saying that I also have my issues with QTE's, mainly when it comes to the amount of the time the player has to react, speaking of Deadly Premonition the button pressing when running away down the stairs from the final boss was overdoing it.............

#9 Posted by funk_oddysey (52 posts) -

I thought that Sam & Max and Heavy Rain worked fairly well, It's awesome how by default the music was louder then the voice overs :D.

#10 Edited by funk_oddysey (52 posts) -

It would be great to play as agent york again, one of my favourite main characters.

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