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@fetchfox: @WilyBoy Thanks gents, that does make more sense now. I guess I missed the bit about Talia stealing the cure. I did find it odd that Harley was tied up. Maybe I didn't leave her ungagged long enough to get the whole story ;)

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I came a way a little confused about the issue of the Joker's death and the cure he had. I played through the final bit in a rush this weekend so it's entirely possible that I've just mixed up some story beats in my head, but here's what I think I understood:

1. Freeze creates the cure and puts it into his safe, where it is stolen by Harley Quinn. Presumably she rushes it back to the Joker.

2. Batman fights his way through the steel mill, gets trapped under some rubble, and is forced to abandon his pursuit of the Joker when Protocol 10 is triggered.

3. Batman obtains the Tyger access code, breaks into Wonder Tower, fights his way to the top and defeats Strange.

4. Batman battles his way through Joker's snipers and into the theater, where he defeats Clayface

5. Batman obtains the cure from Clayface, uses half of it to cure himself, and then Joker dies after the last half is lost in their struggle

Joker had the cure in his possession for all that time and he never bothered to cure himself? I mean sure he's crazy and he wanted to taunt Batman with it but isn't he also supposed to be a criminal mastermind? It just seemed kind of silly to me that Joker would be wasting away and dying of this disease and once Harley brought him the cure he just sat on it for hours while Batman took care of business, to the point where he finally died from it. Seems like kind of a stupid death for someone who's such a planner and schemer.

Really enjoyed the game and love the character of the Joker, I just thought he deserved a better death than that.

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Has anyone had a chance to try out the skin? I'm curious as to how he looks zooming around the city and what they did about the cape.

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@Slaker117: I guess you're right. I thought those were all Lambent the first time I watched it but now I do see a few scenes that looks like they could be Locust.

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The implication was that Adam Fenix's anti-Lambent device was going to kill the Locust as well because he was unable to find a solution that would kill Lambent but save both Locust and Humans, right? That's why Queen Myrrah got angry and attacked the humans to stop him?

So if that's correct then did anyone else find it odd that in the final cutscene they show you several scenes of Lambent dying off but never show a single Locust dying? I figured they're pretty much committing genocide against the Locust and that's a significant part of the ending but it seems to be oddly left out.

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Thanks for this. I tried the multi yesterday and got wrecked, maybe I'll give it another go with your advice

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If you get a chance to play online I'd be curious about how that goes and whether it has you carry over your xp/loot/etc from single player or if you start from scratch

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How does the combat feel? Did they manage to make both ranged and melee work pretty well?

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I've had much better luck with freeplay than I did with campaign mode, you might try that if you're having latency issues

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Is anyone else getting extreme unplayable lag with Brink on Xbox Live? I've tried a few different matches and they've all been so stuttery that I can't play the game at all. I've never had this much trouble with a 360 game before.