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This could be dropped. I have no interest in what characters people are looking at, and I'm sure Jeff can find more awesome things to show us.  
I wouldn't mind hearing about this stuff on the podcast, though. The bare stats just aren't interesting enough, but commentary from the Bomb Cast for this and other trends would probably be fun to listen to.

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I actually took the time to read one of those reviews (I think it was the one from Gamezone), and it quickly became obvious that regardless of any shady going-ons, they do not know how to write. And I'm not just talking about syntax or anything like that; the review says nothing. It's a waste of unlimited Internet cloud bits. It's amazing some of these publications have followers.

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Currently playing the game, and I totally want this.

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The other segments seemed to go long. Almost thought he was gonna be bumped. Thought it was alright given the length. Tim looked frightened, though.

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This is great! 

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I have unfortunately not been watching the Persona run because I don't want the game spoiled for me, but there is one moment that I know I have to see and I'm wondering if it's happened already. If so, what episode was it? 
Have they fused, or at least seen, Mara? I know the moment will be magical, and I can't wait to see it. If it hasn't happened, any guesses on how far away they are depending on their level?

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AlexB said:
"amplitude, frequency, any Dance Dance Revolution, were big pioneers in the genre. In fact some of the people that worked on amplitude and frequency were the people who created Guitar Hero."
I'm definitely looking at these and many more.

Jayge said:
"Parappa is the earliest one I remember playing.

Don't forget to include Beats for the PSP. That's a pretty interesting one."
Thanks for Beats; I didn't know about that one.
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I'm writing a paper looking at how music has been abstracted through video games and just wanted to see if you guys could help with something.

I'm going to be looking at a few games chronologically, and I've chosen to start with Parappa.

 So I'm just wondering if anybody can think of any earlier music/rhythm games that I should look at.

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I love the show. Then again, I saw seasons 1-3 for the first time in a span of about five days online. So, I guessed it helped that I didn't have to wait months between seasons and weeks between lackluster episodes. But still, I saw season 4 week-to-week and still loved it. The more bat-shit crazy it gets, the more I love it. Can't wait for season 5!

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Whatever is on sale at Payless. The shoe source that is.