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Yes, that's what does it for me, it feels like Fallout 1 and 2. I'm playing on "Ranger" difficulty I believe it is called, and I find myself quicksaving/loading a whole lot, but I don't mind it at all.

If this game had more lootable clothes/armor that actually impacted how characters look it'd be even better, maybe they had to cut that feature out of the game, but I find it odd and offputting.

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Not at all dissimilar to something I just experienced. =)

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I'm having fun so far. I think its because I really like the post-apoc setting for video games, RPGs especially.

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@themangalist: "a lot of people here just seemed misinformed about the whole thing." What exactly is there to be misinformed about?

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They'll announce the next Total War game on the 26th of this month if I'm not mistaken. Yes, Rome 2 was a massive disappointment and the state it was in on release day was ridicilous. A year later and the game still looks and plays terrible, and that's my own honest opinion about it.

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I got it bundled with my graphics card. :(

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I killed Handsome Jack. I don't want to see or hear him again, and they go ahead and make a prequel with Handsome Jack all up in your grill.

Releasing this only on the old consoles was a weird move and has basically killed the hype for it. I'm sure if it reviews very well there will be some interest.

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There's not much to talk about, its Borderlands 2 with some new characters and Laser/Ice weapons. Releasing it as a new full-priced game brings in a lot more cash. Then they could do the whole DLC thing all over again ontop of that. Classes are so limited in this game. They're all basically the same except for their passives and 1 active skill. I wish they'd go with a more complex system of progression allowing players the ability to use multiple actives for more diverse classes and fun gameplay but alas.

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System Shock 2 or Mark of the Ninja if you still got them? Nice to share the stuff you don't need/want.

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"If you don't support us when we lose, don't support us when we win." I like that saying to apply for all sports.

"You'll Never Walk Alone." That's what the LFC supporters say and sing.

I picked Liverpool in 2001 and I've stuck by them since. I am not English. There hasn't been much glory to speak of in my time as a supporter, but there has certainly been highs and lows, and I think the longer you support a specific team the more invested you get. If you select a single team, you suddenly start following other teams and their results in-directly because they affect your chosen team's position in the league, so it sort of makes the overall entertainment value of the League increase because you know that at the end of a season, maybe only a few points can separate the winner from the runner ups. It makes every game played important. LFC almost went into administration not many seasons ago, they were ran by a couple of Americans who mismanaged them, and now they have new owners which I think know more about running a sports institution.

They are a very historical and successful club, like a sleeping giant in a way. I like that about them, but I know it doesn't define the current team. I think its something like 20 years or more since they won. They won the Champions League in 2005 though.

Whichever team you pick, like in all sports, stick by them no matter what. In sports it doesn't matter which country you are from in my opinion. I have never seen them play at Anfield but I have seen them play live, and I want to go to England before they expand the stadium to 58000 (it is a 45000 capacity stadium now).

Owners come and go, the same as with players, coaches and managers - so if your Red Sox owners end their ownership then will you also stop supporting The Reds (Liverpool)? It is wise to think about these things right now if you're considering LFC.