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Persona 5 announced

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Pretty sure I don't have wisdom teeth, and at nearly 25 years old I doubt I ever will. Reading some of the stories about them, I'm really glad I won't have to deal with them.

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Cecil all the way.

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Robb Stark was never an important character in the series. Also OP, the first completion for pretty much all characters are such and such dead or such and such dies, etc. These are people asking if they die, or things like that, which brings these results up.

You know I have no attachment to Game of Thrones but I'd like George to write a script for a Dragon Age Series/Movie because that fiction is the same kind of grim-ass the world sucks and everyone dies kind of dark fantasy. I think he could do it justice.

Dragon Age was explicitly drawing inspiration from the series Game of Thrones is based on, so the similarities are definitely there.

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I just downloaded it from the PSN.

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Golden chests, I got like 3 while running through Yukiko's Castle. Just keep trying.

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I can't comment that much except to say that Very Hard is legitimately very hard, at least compared to the Expert mode in the PS2 version.

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Forward the Revolution!

I remember this being pretty common to see in 2008 and I took it then. I've gone pretty hard left since then, -9.75/-8.72. I don't really think it has much validity to it though.

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@Pieman51 said:

I think I can stick with Greatswords instead for a little bit at least.. Is the Zweihander a good choice at all? As in, is it better than a Claymore or Bastard Sword? It's pretty easy to get early on so =/

I know you've already decided on Bastard Sword, but snag the Zweihander too and test it a bit. It's very easy to get at the start of the game, doesn't take that much strength to wield, and has a fantastic R2 attack that leaves enemies flattened on the ground+great reach. It's slow, but if you time the hits right that won't be a problem for the most part.

Comedy option: Pick the Black Fire Bomb gift, kill the first boss with them before you get your weapon, and put all points into strength. Then use his weapon once you get the requirements.

EDIT: Never mind, you're already well past the point any of this matters.